Parker upset when criticizing ‘insanity’ over Elliott’s transfer fee

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Scott Parker said he was “disappointed” with Harvey Elliott’s departure from Fulham and believes the compensation fee is not enough.

Liverpool was ordered to deliver a record £ 4.3 million to Fulham for a 16-year-old after a court ruled that they must pay for the youth.

The Professional Football Compensation Committee ruled that Premier League champions must pay a base fee of £ 1.2 million for Elliott, who moved north to Anfield in July 2019, and the fee could increase by another £ 2.6 million depending on the first team appearances. and international recognition. There are also payments due from Elliott’s signing of contracts with the Reds.

It is understood that Fulham was waiting £ 10 million plus add-ons.

“I guess I’m disappointed in everything, really,” Parker said when asked about the ruling.

“This is a player who had developed in this football club for a long, long time. I think he was our youngest player. We gave it its debut.

“You don’t want to spend £ 20-30 million on players, which is why the academy is so important to us. Because you want to develop these players.

“We had developed that player so that a great club would accept him, and I understand that sometimes that’s how it works. But certainly, I don’t know the exact numbers, but the numbers that have been suggested, I would rather (have) the player.

“£ 4 million for a player we’ve developed, given his Premier League debut at such a tender age, he’s a player we think about a lot. And it helped him in that process. And then walk away like he did … and go to court where he will get £ 4 million, or up to £ 4 million as suggested. It’s certainly from my position, it’s really crazy.

“Because I think we all recognize, and I recognize, that Harvey Elliott has the potential to be a first-class soccer player. Liverpool have taken it away from us by minimum numbers, by the potential of what Harvey is capable of ”.

Elliott made two backup appearances in the Premier League for Liverpool during his title-winning 2019-20 season, with seven other starts also in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, and Parker said his departure for a minimal fee can have an impact. in the academies.

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Impact on academies

“Yes, I think it can (hurt the incentive of the academies). Of course. Harvey is a great example of that, ”said the 40-year-old.

“You develop someone over such a long period of time. The reason we have an academy, one of the main reasons I believe in academies, is that a young player, a guy who has been in your soccer club for so long and then enters the arena, is someone. that contributes much more. .

“But also, there is an element that we are not in a position to pay £ 15, 20, 30 million for a great player, so we have to focus on trying to develop these young people to get them to that point. of trying to play in the first team so as not to have to do that (spend money).

“Certainly for us, a young player, a quarry player is vital. At age 16, or 17, that player leaves your club for compensation or a training fee. It just doesn’t feel very good. “

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