Packers DB breaks record with new expansion

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The Green Bay Packers have signed Jaire Alexander to a four-year contract extension, including a record bonus for the position.

Alexander was to gamble on his fifth year option, where he would have earned $ 13 million. However, the veteran cornerback and his agent were unhappy with that situation, and approached Green Bay for a possible extension earlier in the season.

Green Bay agreed, and would certainly rather have the Louisville product in the building in the long run, rather than get him on the open market via free agency next offseason. So the Packers got Alexander to an extension Monday morning.

Jaire Alexander has a contract with the Packers

Alexander’s contract is a $ 84 million four-year deal that includes $ 31 million in 2022 with a $ 30 million signature bonus.

If that signing bonus sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Alexander’s bonus is the highest ever for a player in his position. Per Adam Schefter, combined with his fifth year option, he will receive $ 42.5 million in March next year.

Alexander’s cap hit for this year will be just over $ 1 million. So to summarize; some cap gymnastics by Brian Gutekunst helped make Alexander the highest paid DB in the NFL, but also allowed the Packers not to be over the cap this season.

And that’s why he’s qualified to be GM, folks.

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