Owen criticizes Solskjaer for Chelsea comments after match

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Michael Owen has criticized Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his post-match comments after Manchester United’s monotonous goalless draw with Chelsea.

Sunday’s Stamford Bridge standoff it became a game that neither team wanted to lose with chances at a high price.

And while Solskjaer later admitted that his team had been poor on the ball, he suggested that if they had achieved a 1-0 victory it would have been a “perfect away performance”.

“Defensively, energy, application, attitude, pressure. Correct, ” Sunshine He said Sky Sports.

“With the ball not good enough. There is not enough quality. We did not create the opportunities we expected.

“If we scored on that breakout when it was two against one, that’s the perfect road performance. Or if you receive the penalty. “

That has unsettled former United striker Owen, who believes United should be aiming higher.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said ‘we were one decision away from the perfect road performance,'” Owen said. Premier League Productions.

“If they had given them a penalty, and let’s say they won 1-0, we’d all be saying ‘great disciplined performance, good defense.’ But really, is it? That’s not the perfect away performance.

“As Scholesy said, Manchester City go to the teams and absolutely pulverize them.

Aim higher, says Owen

“They play them out of the park, they are not based on 50-50 decisions or whatever you want to call it a penalty.

“Now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can’t say it’s perfect. Going forward, they must aim to do what the City has been doing in recent seasons. They must aim to do what Manchester United was doing 10-15 years ago.

“Not thinking that an away performance is as monotonous as that, and relying on a possible penalty cry, and saying if it happens to be the perfect away performance. It’s if you’re trying to get into the top four, but you’re talking about Manchester United.

“These players are world-class players, a lot of them.”

United are aiming for another top-four result this season with the Norwegian, but their form against big rivals is worrying.

They have yet to score in open play this season against one of the Premier League’s six big teams. That includes five 0-0 draws, a 1-0 loss to Arsenal and the 6-1 beating at Tottenham’s home.

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