Over / under 3.5 goals and over / under 1.5 goals in football betting

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Over 2.5 goals and under 2.5 goals bets are still some of the most popular choices among soccer bettors. These markets have undeniable value as 50/50 outcome bets, but the story doesn’t end there. While most bookies set the goal line at 2.5, there are other options worth considering. 3.5 and 1.5 goal lines are the first to come to mind.

Still, the question of how to bet on 3.5+ goals and similar markets is not often addressed. If you want to consider these markets as possible sources of stake value, keep reading.

What are more than 3.5 goals in betting?

Simply put, Over 3.5 goals predicts the match will count at least 4 goals in total. Obviously, the bet itself is quite similar to Over 2.5. The basic premise of the bet is completely identical, in fact. The only difference is that the goal line is set to a higher number.

Since we’ve already written about betting over 2.5 goals, we won’t waste time on the basics. However, the problem with this type of bet is that it is inherently risky. For example, Premier league The matches end with a total of 3.02 goals on average. That speaks well for the Over 2.5 market, but not for its high-bar cousin. As such, the main concern with over 3.5 goals predictions is find suitable matches first. Statistically, these are not very common.

That is an important thing to remember. Betting predictions of more than 3.5 goals are not common because they should not be. This option is something to keep in the back of your mind until a solid opportunity arises. Don’t be surprised if that’s not very common.

That said, the relative unpopularity of this market makes it a raw material for the pursuit of value. Simply put, even the best online bookmakers must prioritize odd prices. That means less important options, such as bets over 3.5 goals, are more likely to not accurately represent the probability of something happening. This is a solid foundation for finding value.

Beyond that, you just have to take the basic principles of Over 2.5 Goals betting and push them to the logical extreme. Here you are not just looking for teams with relatively high scores. You are looking for extremely aggressive squads who place little value on their defense. Alternatively, you’ll want to try and find opportunities where a key defensive player can’t play.

Less than 3.5 goals

On the other hand, you can also make predictions of less than 3.5 goals. As we have already established, fewer than 4 goals cover practically the majority of matches. more than 85%, to be precise. As such, don’t expect any kind of valuable returns with this market.

That being said, interesting opportunities can occasionally arise for Under 3.5 Goals bets. Under 3.5 goals Predictions have to walk a fine line when it comes to choosing the right match. Essentially, you want matchups between teams that score enough, but not enough to break the 4-goal threshold. That’s a challenge even for seasoned bettors, so we advise beginners to stay away.

What does less than 1.5 goals mean in betting?

Similar to the example above, the Under 1.5 Goals bets predict that the match will feature a maximum of 1 goal. In general, this market is the opposite polar of more than 3.5. You can get pretty decent returns on under 1.5 goals bets, but finding the right opportunity is equally difficult.

Our advice is to forget about the goal line. Instead, try searching matches that will end 0-0. Although boring to watch, it is much easier to predict such an outcome than a correct score of 1-0. Just treat the single target as a kind of safety net – there’s some leeway in case you need it.

Now around 10% of all professional soccer matches end in a 0-0 draw. This varies by league and season, but that’s the number that goes around. All the things you need to look for in a Less than 2.5 goals The bet applies here too. Look for teams with low concession rates, low scores, and ideally with unavailable forwards.

However, the main factor for 0-0 results seems to actually be a lack of motivation. In other words, look for matches whose result does not affect anything. Maybe it’s the last stages of the season, or the final classification has mostly been decided. That’s where most of our under 1.5 goals betting tips look for opportunities, rare as they are.

More than 1.5 goals

Like the Under 3.5 Goals variation, this Goal Line is the middle child of Goal Line betting. You are inherently doomed to very short odds because most matches end with more than 1 goal. Good opportunities are even harder to identify, especially since few games are priced above 1.5 in the first place.

Still, we can apply similar advice. Try to treat the market as a type of correct score deal. More precisely, you are ideally looking matches that will end with 2 goals in total. In other words, 2: 0, 1: 1, or 0: 2.

For one thing, these are pretty common results to see at the end of a match. On the other hand, predicting the exact instance can be unlikely and the odds rarely make it worth it.

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