Our best pictures of crampons of 2020

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Because the year 2020 is coming to an end and because it will have been dense in terms of product releases, we come back to the most beautiful pictures of crampons of the year 2020.

In twelve months and 365 days, equipment news has been dense. So dense that we have published more than 1130 articles on our site since January 1, 2020. A prosperous year, therefore, which was inevitably marked by the release of many pairs of crampons. To end the year on a high note, we look back on our best crampon photos of 2020.

If the Predator Mutator 20 kicked off product releases in January 2020 and the Future Z came full circle a few days ago, all OEMs have been active for the past twelve months. In addition to Nike, adidas and Puma, New Balance unveiled its Furon v6 and Tekela v3 while Umbro has reorganized its range of crampons around the Tocco and the Velocita. For his part, Mizuno was also visible with his Morelia Néo 3 which was dressed in many colors.

For major equipment manufacturers, 2020 will also have been an important year, despite the postponement of the Euro. At Nike, the Phantom Venom and the Phantom Vision have notably given way to the new Phantom GT and 2021 should be the year of a new iteration of the Mercurial. As for adidas, in addition to the Predator 20, the X range has also evolved with the arrival of the X Ghosted last August. A model which lends even more the resemblance to the f50. For Puma, 2020 will have been a pretty incredible year in terms of marketing but also in terms of products with the release of the new Ultra which replaces the One and the appearance of a Future Z which should be interesting to follow in the coming weeks. come.

When it comes time to switch to 2021, this little flashback on the striking crampons of this particular year of 2020 allows us to remember that despite everything, it will remain as a good year in terms of crampons. It remains to be seen what 2021 has in store for us in this sector. To not miss any of this news, footpack.fr will obviously always be there.

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