Obsessed Mino Raiola is not helping Paul Pogba case at Manchester United

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The rise in prominence of soccer agents is one of the most sinister aspects of modern soccer.

A product of unbridled capitalism that has come to dominate the soccer landscape, it is now commonplace for an agent to make a ransom deal, or to poke fun at the press to spark a movement for his client with the ulterior motive of lining. yours. pockets

For the most part, it is a necessary and manageable evil.

But Mino Raiola is taking the sh * t.

The famous ‘superagent’ claims that he cares about Paul Pogba’s best interests. That’s what he said in February when he backwardly accused Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of tolerating slavery, and that’s what he will say in defense of his latest outburst.

It is no coincidence that, just after Pogba returned to Manchester United with a sublime goal to kick off the comeback against West Ham, Raiola once again declared his career in England ‘over’.

This is not someone who cares about the best interests of their player. If that were the case, I would be wary of Pogba’s delicate situation and the abominable and disproportionate treatment he receives from the corners of the UK media. The unfair narrative that she is a diva who puts herself above the club.

He would take into account those who tried to drive a gap between player and club for a few clicks, and avoid, wherever possible, loading them with ammunition.

Instead, here it is, just when your client is finally making headlines for the right reasons, cutting him to his knees.

At best, Raiola is deaf and has not been able to read the room. At worst, he’s a sinister, self-obsessed egomaniac who’s willing to put more pressure on a vulnerable player to further his own interests.

Pogba, of course, won’t be flawless here. You are naive if you think he was blissfully ignorant of his manager’s intentions. There is a possibility that he sees this as an opportunity to take home, something he has publicly wanted in the past and is somehow complicit in Raiola’s sordid efforts to make this happen.

However, it is Raiola’s responsibility to protect his client. You know, to preserve your reputation and make sure you can go about your business every day without worrying about negative headlines and how tabloids and two-bit radio stations are hanging you out to dry.

However, for Mino, Pogba is just a number. A way to earn money. Something to manipulate and exploit.

Like each of your other clients.

We’ve seen this with Raiola a million times before. His public hitting for Gianluigi Donnarumma led to the goalkeeper being vilified as a ‘snake’ by AC Milan. He even spoke out against the young man’s own decision to renew his contract. Tell me, how is someone who has more than their own interests in mind?

This latest disaster is a shame, because Pogba has shown real signs of putting his troubles behind him and moving on. In general, he has been a professional model for the last year.

However, you fear that as long as it is being sapped by the poisonous influence of the type that bends the ear, we will continue to end up where we started.

It’s Groundhog Day and it’s not good for anyone but Mino Raiola and his ego.

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