OBJ welcomes TD increase after feeling ‘deprived’

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THOUSAND EGE, California – Lack of landing? That is no longer the case for Odell Beckham Jr.

The eighth-year pro has captured four touchdown passes during five games for the Los Angeles Rams.

“It’s been great,” Beckham said of his recent end zone productivity. “Over the last few years, I’ve felt deprived. I’ve definitely missed the end zone, and it just has not been as easy and hassle-free as it could and should be. I’m one who I feel. As if I should score once or twice every single game. I feel like I can get 100 yards every single game. “

The Rams signed Beckham to a $ 1.25 million one-year contract in November after approving exemptions following his release from the Cleveland Browns.

In six games in LA, Beckham averages 41.3 yards per game. match and has captured the four TD passes, including his first scoring reception since October 4, 2020. He has also captured a touchdown pass in three consecutive matches for the first time since 2015.

“I’m just glad I’m in a place where I’m having fun in myself,” Beckham said. “It’s just fun to play football again.”

In six games with the Browns this season, Beckham averaged 38.8 yards per game. match and did not get a single touchdown pass.

Rams coach Sean McVay described Beckham as “a joy to be around” since his arrival.

“He has an amazing charisma, great presence, he’s an incredibly talented football player and so I can confirm that now, he’s an amazing teammate,” McVay said. “He really cares about these guys, he’s been incredibly selfless, he’s done acting when he’s had the opportunity.”

Through seven weeks with the Rams, Beckham has not received the attention he once received through five seasons with the New York Giants or 2 seasons with the Browns.

He said he knew that would be the case when he signed with a team where receiver Cooper Kupp was on the move in a historic season. With two games left in the regular season, Kupp is approaching 2,000 receiving yards and tracking to win the “triple crown” – leading the NFL in catches, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.

“Man, I think it’s funny, all the talk that’s ever been said about me being a me-guy. People want to say anything, but they just have no idea,” Beckham said. “And when I chose to come here, I know Coops is breaking a record. I did not come here and think, ‘Oh, I have to reach my goals.’ It’s just not being me – yes, I want the ball, I’m a competitor, but like I said, I’m late for the party.

“It’s just funny, all the backlash I get about the type of person I am and this and that and I think you’re just seeing me in an atmosphere where success is around and like I said, these people are on the go history. I want to see them beat – I told him I want him to get 2K yards so I can come and beat your record. That’s how it happens – records are meant to be beaten – and like I said, I think we’re just witnessing [something] very, very special. “

The Beckham and the Rams (11-4), who have already won a playoff spot, have a chance to secure the NFC West title on Sunday with a win over the Baltimore Ravens (8-7) combined with an Arizona Cardinals (10 -5)) draw or loss to the Dallas Cowboys (11-4), who have won the NFC East.

Beckham, who played a playoff appearance in 2016 with the Giants, has never been a member of a division team.

“I came to the party too late,” he said. “But still celebrating as if I’ve been here all along, so it’s definitely a special opportunity, not just to win the division, but to go after it all. This is the only reason you put those hours work in the low season, to dedicate and sacrifice our lives for this is for these moments. “


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