Nuno reveals surprise at the rate of Jiménez’s recovery as a great prediction made

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Lobos forward Raúl Jiménez could make a surprise return before the end of the season, according to coach Nuno Espirito Santo.

Jiménez required surgery after suffering a skull fracture following a clash with Arsenal’s David Luiz in November.

Nuno said he was “scared” for Jiménez after the incident. However, he gave a positive update on the 29 year old ahead of Wednesday’s Premier League tie with Chelsea.

Asked if Jiménez could play again this season, Nuno He said: “We are really sure this can happen. It is very good news how it continues to improve day by day.

“Not just me, but the entire medical staff are amazed because he’s improving on all the concussion tests we did previously two seasons ago. He’s doing very, very well.

“Just watching him run and lift weights and do all these hard workouts is a huge boost for everyone because, in the first place, it’s [about] the man.

“It’s Raúl, we want Raúl to come back healthy and then we will get Raúl back as a player and an important player for the team. The big push for us is having him around. “

Nuno emphasized that Wolves He won’t take any chances with Jiménez’s recovery, adding: “We had a medical plan and these things are very responsible decisions due to the severity of the injury.

“We have to be really patient and make the right decisions and this will require decisions from the surgeon, scans in the skull; All these things take time and we will proceed according to the situation. We will not rush or take any risk. “

Nuno later insisted that, so far, Jiménez’s injury is not psychologically affecting the player.

Nuno greets Jiménez


“That part is not a concern for us because he is exactly the same boy, always with a smile on his face, aware of the process he has gone through and confident that he wants to come back stronger,” said Nuno.

Heading and how you can deal with this situation, how your brain will react to acceleration, deceleration, jump and impact is another problem. That will come in time. “

Wolves strike Chelsea 2-1 the last time the sides met in December.

This time, however, Thomas Tuchel will take over the Blues for the first time.

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