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Nike Football has released the Phantom Vision V2 model. We had the opportunity to test this new football boot, which was released a few months before EURO 2020.

So what are the changes to the Phantom Vision silo worth? Discover without further delay my opinion on the pair and its Ghost Lace lacing system and Quadfit technology. The PhantomVSN silo is carried by ambassadors Verratti, Casemiro, De Bruyne, and Mahrez.


Nike Phantom Vision Elite 2 shoe review

Before reading the review on these new generation crampons, be aware that my review reflects only my own judgment. I am impartial when it comes to criticizing a football shoe for good or bad.

Give your opinion by commenting on the article in order to give as much information as possible to future readers.

The Nike Phantom Vision model is a silo launched in 2018 by Nike Football, just after the 2018 World Cup. As you know, this shoe replaces the much-regretted Magista silo…

Today the Phantom Vision 2 offered by the swoosh brand is an improved version that improves on the first generation released in 2018.

Before going into details, discover the design and aesthetics of the pair in an “Unboxing” video.


The pair I tested came from the Kinetic pack. A dark black colorway is accentuated by modern visual effects. Indeed, we find on a good part of the front of the shoe a very successful iridescent effect. It gives a luxurious look to the figure.

At first glance, I also notice that the “Dynamic Fit” collar at the ankle has been changed. This one is shorter and makes the pair more dynamic. Personally, I really like this fresh look, and find the Black Kinetic colorway very cool!


During my test on the first version of the PhantomVSN silo, I was surprised at the absence of reinforcement in the heel. On this improved V2, Nike rectified the shot and the heel is now well reinforced. its good news.

They have also changed the dynamic fit collar from the first model. It is lower, and more tightened at the ankle. The fit is better and provides a more comfortable fit.

Also, I notice it is easier to put on the shoes compared to the first generation. To conclude on the comfort part, I note Nike has made the necessary and essential efforts to make the model more successful.

The ghost lace (lacing system hidden inside the shoe) is useful when you like having a large surface to control or hit the ball.


When it was unveiled in 2018, one highlight of the Phantom Vision was the outsole. This has not developed on Vision 2 but remains an asset to the model.

The light plate is responsive, thanks to the arrangement of multidirectional studs on the front of the foot.

I like the grip of the outsole and find it easy to change direction. Which is rather useful for players who develop in the midfield and who change support regularly.

Ball touch

The Nike Phantom Vision 2 is a shoe designed for players who want precision and control on the pitch. This is one argument put forward by Nike Football for the one that replaces the iconic Magista.

The so-called “invisible” Quadfit technology allows for a larger control area compared to the brand’s silos.

I confirm that this technology allows you to have a better touch on the ball. We can feel the material tighten up on the heavy passes. The technological advantage makes it possible to lock the foot, and therefore to get better support.

On the top of the foot, the ghost lace system does not affect the control of the ball, and the different materials used to adapt to all shapes of the foot. This version will be appreciated as much for thin feet as wide feet like me.


During my test on the first version, I revealed some dissatisfaction with the durability of the upper (on the front of the foot). The Flyknit 3D texture gradually faded after the repetitions of training and matches.

Without being a picky tester, I find it normal to mention weak points when there are some. Personally, I think a high-end pair should be durable.

Bearing in mind this qualitative requirement, I would like to mention that on the first tests with the phantom vision 2, the Flyknit 3D texture wears out less quickly than expected.

I will not hesitate to update the article in the coming weeks to discuss this point.

My opinion on the Nike Phantom Vision football boots

With this recent version of the Phantom Vision 2, Nike Football has modified its model by improving it and filling the deficits of the first version.

Regarding this new generation, there are no major changes. The three technologies are still present, namely the Quadfit , the Flynit 3D, and the Ghost Lace .

The strengths of the Phantom VSN 2 are the ball feel, excellent grip thanks to the outsole, and its multidirectional crampons!

Give your opinion by commenting on this article or on social networks. If you bought this model, let us know how you feel. Your comment and opinion will inform future readers of the article.

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