Nike Hypervenom at the feet of Christopher Nkunku! #bootsmercato

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Adidas athlete for more than two years and ambassador of Nemeziz, Christopher Nkunku has however trained with a Hypervenom!

For a few weeks now, players under contract with Nike have appeared as an endangered species. After having suffered several departures at the time of the re-entry, the American brand continues to lose wings as the days progress and names like Thiago Alcantara, Sergio Ramos, Robert Lewandowski, Phil Foden and Raheem Sterling are not even sure to be Nike athletes again in the coming weeks.

But as Puma and adidas curl their whiskers over this situation, an adidas player may well leave the nest, too. Christopher Nkunku, ambassador of the Nemeziz was indeed surprised with a full black Hypervenom from the Stealth Ops pack on his feet!


Certainly, Christopher Nkunku does not have the aura of a Paul Pogba or a Lionel Messi for adidas, but since 2018, the former Parisian has made a place for himself within the German brand. A little over a year ago, we had the opportunity to shoot a video with him when he wore the X range and a few months later he switched to the Nemeziz from adidas. An important player for adidas, who plays in a top team and who constantly evolves in the Champions League, Nkunku could therefore also be added to the list of players who change equipment. At a time when the health and economic crisis affects all players and completely changes the marketing and sponsorship landscape in football, departures are much more numerous this season than in the past.

Simple pleasure for the player or a real message for adidas?

But while he was constantly evolving with his Nemeziz + in recent weeks, the choice of a Nike Hypervenom is still astonishing. Switching to a pair on the market or for a model like the Hypervenom which disappeared two years ago does not carry the same symbolism and it could perfectly well be that the player simply took advantage of a training session to test another pair without however wanting to jeopardize its partnership with the brand. Affiliated with adidas since 2018 and previously a follower of the Nike Mercurial Vapor during his first years with PSG, Nkunku had so far never been close to the Hypervenom. Like many, retro fashions may have caught up with him. We will probably know more in the coming days.

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