Nike brings ‘Joga Bonito’ back to life with special collection

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Legendary advertising campaign of the 2000s, the Joga Bonito is back at Nike with a special collection.

Joga Bonito. If the under 20s will not necessarily know this series of advertising, those born in the 90s or before will necessarily remember this series of seven advertisements where Eric Cantona had the mission to shake up the football of the time and revolutionize the Game.

In this striking advertising campaign for Nike, Brazil has long been in the spotlight thanks to its status as World champion in 2002, but other athletes such as Thierry and Wayne Rooney have also been highlighted. Fifteen years later, the Joga Bonito comes back to life at Nike thanks to a special collection that mixes textiles with a pair of shoes.

Futsal as a new territory of creativity

To honor one of the most impactful advertisements in the history of Nike Football, the American brand has just unveiled a pair of Premier II Sala, one of the pairs of futsal boots in its range. Only a few days after the presentation of the Platinium pack which included all the shoes for futsal, it was a black color adorned with a touch of color on the outsole that was unveiled. Colors that are simply inspired by the start of the Joga Bonito TV commercials.

Always accompanied by its suede upper, the Premier II Sala will not be the only product concerned by this tribute since a textile collection comprising two sweatshirts and a T-shirt has also been presented. The opportunity to step back in time and remember the glorious hours of the 2000s.