NFL insider predicts 3 teams that could lure Sean Payton out of retirement

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Former New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton retired, but could these three teams lure him back to coach?

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Sign Dan Campbell For Eternity If...

Could Sean Payton ever return to training? He has publicly said he would take 2022 away from coaching, but does that mean he will do it forever?

According to Barry Jackson’s column on Miami Heraldhe believes there are three teams that could wish for Payton as their head coach.

The Dolphins were reportedly ready to hire him, but that did not happen, and Miami hired Mike McDaniel. The Dallas and LA Chargers are the other two teams that Jackson mentions in his article, and all three could benefit if they were able to lure him in as their coach.

Payton is an excellent football coach who made the Saints a team that opponents feared playing, so why would he not be able to do the same in other franchises?

Could Sean Payton come out of retirement to train in Dallas, LA or Miami?

While the Dolphins’ fans should be excited about McDaniel, we all know how the NFL works. If a coach does not find success right away, a team could look elsewhere and Payton would be the first guy to call.

Payton would not go anywhere if he retired. He would go to a place with a good list that could compete right away, or someone who would allow him to put together a team without hesitation.

Dallas would suit Payton best among the three teams that Jackson included. The quarterback situation is reasonable, they have a lot of playmakers, and after Jerry Jones showed their NFL Draft selection, someone like Payton could help him step away from that role and let the coach do the work.

But will Jones and the other front office people be willing to give up that kind of control? Maybe if they are desperate enough to start winning again.

As for Miami and the Chargers, if none of their coaches coach, they would give that control to them. In my opinion, the Chargers would require a little more work, and while Miami has some playmakers, it would also take some time.

Dallas has a solid list that could compete, which they already showed last year. Adding Payton to the equation would lift that franchise to success. He is 152-89 overall and only 58, so the Cowboys could invest in a long-term situation with him.

Payton is an excellent coach and he does not have to stay away from football, so the Cowboys should jump as soon as he decides to return to coaching or convince him to retire.

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