NFL insider offers latest update on Odell Beckham Jr.’s next landing spot

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NFL insider Ian Rapoport took to the Pat McAfee Show to discuss where Odell Beckham Jr. is likely to play in 2022 and what the wait for a deal is.

The absolute madness of the NFL offseason has apparently disappeared, but that does not mean that top talent remains available in the open market.

Odell Beckham Jr., who was once praised as the best receiver in football early in his career, is still a free agent despite the name recognition and talent he possesses. After a rocky stay with the Cleveland Browns, OBJ’s narrative completely turned the course when he was freed from Baker Mayfield and attached to Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford in Los Angeles.

The result was the Rams’ first Super Bowl victory since 1999 and the first that the franchise has ever won in Los Angeles. But that was four months ago, and it’s 78 days since the NFL’s free agency opened, but Beckham remains without an appointment.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport continued Pat McAfee Show and shed some light on why it is and when it could change.

NFL Rumors: Will Odell Beckham Jr. return to the Rams in 2022?

“I think [Odell Beckham Jr] being with the Rams is still an option. They liked everything they saw from him last year, and he liked them too, ”Rapoport told Pat McAfee Show.

This is not really something new. Odell and the Rams have been linked throughout the offseason, and the lack of movement with other teams pouring in to steal him away seems to suggest that it’s only a matter of time before an agreement is reached that makes him to return to Los Angeles.

So the question that everyone has is, what holds up?

As Rapoport puts it, it’s not about money or other contracts getting in the way – namely a new deal for Aaron Donald. On the contrary, the ACL injury that OBJ sustained in the Super Bowl is what has both slowed down the timeline and also apparently eliminated the feeling of urgency to get something done.

Something else that Rapoport mentions that sheds light on why teams like the Packers, Bears or Chiefs have probably stuck with buying Beckham in favor of other options for free agents is the timing of the ACL injury. That it happened in the Super Bowl – the absolute deepest in the NFL schedule it could happen – means he is not playing an entire season in 2022.

“He’s such an interesting case because he’s probably not going to play the first few games, maybe half of the season. The timing of the injury was as bad for someone who played as well as he probably has since his first or second year with the Giants.

“It’s not like Odell is going to get $ 15 million in Year 1 because he’s probably not going to play the first little bit. [of the season]. “

This does not take teams around the league out of the battle for OBJ once he gets well enough for a deal to become a reality. Aaron Rodgers would probably love to have him at Green Bay, and the Packers were reportedly close to acquiring him from the Browns last season before being knocked out by the Rams.

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