NFL Golf QBs at The Match: Expect Gossip

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NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are set to face Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in Capital One’s The Match on June 1 on TNT.

The four quarterbacks attended a media event on Wednesday, and they showed a glimpse of what fans could expect on the TV broadcast of the 12-hole exhibit, which will apparently feature a wealth of trash talk.

Brady and Rodgers were paired against each other in the previous event, where Brady teamed up with Phil Mickelson and Rodgers teamed up with Bryson DeChambeau. The two are now given the task of welcoming the younger quarterback duo in what is considered experience versus youth.

“I know they tried to make it old and young guys, but I said it when we made our chipping [contest] as they showed yesterday, “Rodgers said.” I said, ‘Who thought of this, are you going to put the two best guys against the two worst guys?’ And it’s not just conjecture, it’s actually facts. “

Rodgers admitted that his former partner, DeChambeau, came prepared with too many deliberate jokes, and that Mickelson’s shock did not land, but he said it would be different this time.

“When we started [in the NFL]certainly when [Brady] started, and when I started playing, there was really, really rubbish talk. Like, guys rattled each other and there was a lot of good talk and we knew who they were around the league, “Rodgers said.” And now it’s more buddy, you know, social media after each other, memes, this emoji s- – and it’s not the same. So when you talk about the frog Kermit [Mahomes, per memes] and Josh [Allen] trying to talk about me and Tom, a couple of old, dirty vets. Come on.”

Rodgers said the two would rather get some comedians to help write some material, but Allen had already mentioned that he thinks Brady will have a team of writers to help him out on the course.

“I think once Tom’s script from his team runs out of jokes, I do not think he’s going to be able to think like that on his legs,” Allen said. “I feel like I’ve got a lot of practice and just some kind of wit and no cuff stuff. I think Aaron is a little better in that aspect, but yeah, Tom needs to have his little note card out there and he’s going to run out eventually and I do not think he will know what to do. “

When Brady heard Allen’s remarks and was asked about them, he smiled and immediately made a comeback without the help of any writers or others.

“I come prepared like I always do for everything and you know it’s different, golf — talk is a little different than pro football — talk,” Brady said. “Usually professional football is about usually backing it up. Josh has really not backed up much on the football field in his career, let’s be honest, especially when he’s played against me.

“I just want to say that it’s going to look like what it’s been like for a long time against him, and Patrick, even though he’s played a lot of great matches, he did not really win the important ones. He’s won a couple of the others , but not the really important ones. “

At the sound of how all four quarterbacks spoke, no one has had much time to take golf seriously in the offseason. Mahomes mentioned that he has received some tips from a professional and Allen has taken some lessons but not one felt they would carry their team.

Allen and Mahomes hope their youth and physical condition will help pull them through eventually. They also anticipate that their friendship will have an impact on their teamwork on the course. Allen believes that ego could come into play for their competition and that we might want to see it unfold during the match.

“I think it’s a situation where me and Pat do not care who makes the putt, who hits the drive,” Allen said. “We want the ball to go in before theirs [ball] do. Where I think they will, respectively their own selves, have to make the putt and drive the drive, and I do not think they are going to play out of each other very well. “

Brady is 0-2 in these events, but he and Rodgers have the experience and know what to expect. Putting age to youth, whether the actual golf will be worthy of a TV broadcast is still unknown, but if the garbage figure before the round is any indication of what is coming, there will be plenty to watch during the match.

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