Neymar tantrum after Scott McTominay’s entry

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There has never been any doubt that Neymar is one of the most talented footballers in the world, but it is becoming too easy for players to get into their heads.

Scott McTominay has clearly been learning the art of putting up some strong challenges during his time playing for Scotland, and was a bit mischievous when he left one on Neymar’s ankle after a firm challenge towards the end of the first half:

CBS images

It was clear to see at half-time that Neymar was still upset with the referee when he threw a tantrum and tried to reach the Scotsman, although he only laughs as he heads towards the tunnel:

BT Sport images

In a way, it’s a shame because players need to be protected from being kicked, but Neymar brings it to him with his antics so it’s nice to see him.

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