New Puma crampons at Neymar’s feet!

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On the occasion of the last training of PSG, the Brazilian Neymar arrived with a new pair of crampons. A pair that still remains enigmatic …

In recent weeks, something has been brewing around Neymar’s crampons. New muse of Puma since last September, the Brazilian from PSG is regularly noticed by the presence of a full black model at his feet and which seems to be quite simply the prototype of a new silo or an evolution of ‘a current pair of the leaping feline brand. Two months after his first appearance with this model, Neymar arrives with white crampons, which confirms that something will happen at Puma and that Neymar will be at the center of things.

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Neymar trains with the new prototype of Puma crampons!

A signature pair for Neymar?

Since signing Neymar to Puma and using the King Platinium on a daily basis, one can’t help but think that this is a marketing stunt. Pairing him with the old pair of Pelé and Maradona and having him wear a pair with leather as he constantly evolved with pairs made with synthetic materials was bound to be amazing. Impactful, but surprising. Because if the use of this pair with a rich history offers a nice story-telling at the beginning of the collaboration between Neymar and Puma, it is difficult to believe that in the long term it can continue to embody the King range since the model is hardly put forward at the German equipment manufacturer.

But then, what will be the continuation of the story between Puma and Neymar? A new silo and “signature” colors? A silo exclusively dedicated to Neymar? For the moment, difficult to know more and it is not the only photo taken during the training of the PSG which will give us more indications. If through this shot we discover that the full black pair has given way to a white version adorned with a yellow lettering on the inside, we do not know anything about the technologies or even the overall style of this product! A suspense that could however perhaps end in the coming hours, if the number 10 of PSG decides to wear this pair in the last match of the group stage of the Champions League against Istanbul BB.


Neymar’s new crampons against Istanbul?

Because yes, to hope to know more about this enigmatic pair and in particular on this large lettering present on the inside of the foot, we will perhaps have to wait for this Tuesday’s match in the Champions League. Even if in the past, Neymar has never worn the prototype during official matches and he simply contented himself with training to test it, this change of color and therefore the fact of no longer wearing a masked version could be the sign that the player will now use this pair in an “official” way. In any case, we will be vigilant about the player’s next outings, whether during training, warming up or leaving the tunnel.