Namungo FC suffered without committing a crime in Angola – Zidadu

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The national cup champions have landed safely in Dar es Salaam after ‘suffering’ in Luanda

Namungo FC has openly stated that he went through difficult times during his three-day detention in Angola after his Caf Confederation Cup match against Primeiro de Agosto was canceled.

The Tanzanian National Cup champions had traveled to Angola to play their first Caf Confederation Cup match against Primeiro de Agosto, but the match that was scheduled for Sunday was canceled by Caf after Angolan authorities ordered to all Namungo players who self-quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the game canceled, Namungo’s efforts to return home were also thwarted by Angolan authorities forcing the team to spend the entire Sunday at the Angola airport and then ordering them to return to the hotel with reports emerging from three of his players and one. official had tested positive for Covid-19.

The Angolan authorities finally allowed the team to travel on Monday night and already landed in Tanzania but without three players and an official, who were detained to undergo mandatory self-quarantine.

Namungo President Hassan Zidadu explained to Aim What they lived in Angola and also confirmed that three of their players and an official did not travel with them to Tanzania.

“We are not happy because we simply suffered in Angola without committing any crime,” Zidadu said. Aim upon landing at Julius Nyerere International Airport.

“We have suffered for no reason, we did not deserve what we went through in Luanda, we suffered and they [Angolan authorities] He never gave us a good reason why we had to go through all that trouble.

“In our hearts we suffered a lot but we could not do anything, but I want to thank everyone in Tanzania for the prayers they made to the team, we have arrived safely but three of our players and an official have stayed behind to complete the mandatory Covid-19 Regulations “.

Aim understands that the remaining players in Angola are Lucas Kikoti, Fred Tangalu and Khamis Faki, and an official, Omary Kaaya.

On Tuesday, a senior official from the Tanzania Football Federation, who did not want to be named, confirmed to Aim Namungo’s arrest in Angola by stating: “The Namungo players were ordered to return to the hotel from the airport, where they planned to board the plane back home after their match was canceled.”

The players lost an entire day at Luanda International Airport while waiting for a plane to return home, but now they cannot use the private jet because three of their players and one official have tested positive for Covid-19, and now the Angolan authorities have asked them to comply with the mandatory quarantine before returning home ”.

The East Africans were matched against Primeiro de Agosto from Angola in a draw held on January 8. The Tanzanian Premier League team, which is making its first appearance at this stage, were scheduled to play away, before a home game against the Angolan team. on February 14 and 21, respectively.


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