Najee Harris draws comparisons to the Steelers legend out of season

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If Najee Harris is like Hines Ward, then that’s just a good thing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Vince Williams expects runback Najee Harris to take on a bigger leadership role in his second year with the team to become a bit of a Hines Ward.

Williams showed up The Arthur Moats experience with Deke, which touches on the fact that Harris is an ideal fit for the Steelers to build their team around “not only athletically but also culturally”. Harris was a former pick in the first round of the Steelers for a reason when he took Doak Walker home in his final season in Alabama. Harris has long been a team-first type of player, so this is not really a surprise.

This is Williams’ quote about comparing Harris to Ward, a Steelers legend who lives in Canton.

“He gives me a lot of that Hines Ward vibe,” Williams said. “He smiles, he kisses the babies, but then he keeps the real thing in the interviews. He speaks the truth, he works hard, he is dedicated to his craft, he is no-nonsense. I think it’s going to be big. I think that’s what the Steelers are doing from the offensive side of the ball. “

Here is the section of The Arthur Moats experience with Deke where Williams appeared.

Vince Williams compares Najee Harris to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ legendary WR

From his days at the University of Georgia, Ward built a reputation for being able to do what he took to help his team win matches. His versatility and willingness to put the team ahead of his own awards is why Ward is loved in Pittsburgh and on his alma mater. As far as Harris being the next Ward, he could emerge as the leader on the offensive side of the football the Steelers need.

Williams mentioned that the Steelers no longer have stars in offensive caliber by Maurkice Pouncey in the middle and Ben Roethlisberger in the quarterback position. Rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett will certainly fill the void left in good time, but 2022 is a perfect opportunity for Harris to take what is his and a little more. One would expect Harris to be the focal point of the offensive this season.

No matter when Pickett overtakes Mitch Trubisky as the Steelers’ starting quarterback, the offense will only be as good as Harris allows. If he has a breakout season that many people expect of him, Pittsburgh might stay in the AFC North to stay in the playoffs. More importantly, how Harris grows as a leader could pay future dividends to this team.

If Harris plays up to his potential, he could be as celebrated in Pittsburgh as Ward is to this day.

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