Moments from the match: What happens in the showdown between Tom Brady / Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes / Josh Allen

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In another edition of The Match, football fans will merge with golf fans Wednesday in Las Vegas to watch NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers put their personal competition aside to team up against Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

The 12-hole exhibit will be a team event and for the first time will not feature any professional golfers. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka have all participated in the past. But the professionals will be on their couches with the rest of us to watch these great quarterbacks go head-to-head in Wynn Las Vegas.

Here are some of the bigger takeaways from The Match and some moments that stood out:

The fans are on high alert

Because there are no professionals playing in The Match, the current golf has gone down sharply – with several shots sprayed off to the left and right. The quarterbacks take live lessons from former Masters winner Trevor Immelman, who is an analyst on the show, to help correct their turns while playing.

That includes Brady, who pulled his tee shots to the left. Immelman asked him to swing more to the right, which then resulted in Brady pushing a shot far to the right.

Brady does not often make mistakes on the football field, so it was a rare case where people could relate to what happened to Brady on the field.

Unfortunately, those shots from quarterbacks were making their way into the crowd of spectators. PGA Tour pro Smylie Kaufman watched and noticed the number of times fans have had to duck.

Brady went there with Allen

The match got close after Mahomes won the third hole with a birdie to bring Rodgers and Brady back to 1 up. Also the garbage talk started to become more personal.

Brady hit his tee shot a little short on the par-3 fourth hole and said it was a little thick as he took his tee. He then took a shot at Allen, saying it’s what he calls “a little Josh Allen, a little chunky.”

Allen laughed, but it was the first real jolt that seemed like more than a friendly tease.

Mahomes fights early, grabbing a beer

Mahomes and Allen were 2 down the match after two holes where Rodgers won the first with a birdie and Brady missed an eagle putt and got a gimme birdie to win the second.

Mahomes said he would wait until the fourth hole to open a beer, but getting down early made him reach out for some “swing juice”. He never missed an opportunity for a sponsor shoutout, shouted Coors Light, showing off the silver ball-aluminum bottle while taking a sip.

JJ Watt, who is a commentator on the broadcast, asked Mahomes how many he would need to get his confidence up. Mahomes was quick to say that he can not drink too much, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

Josh Allen trolled Brady

Tom Brady has jokingly asked Twitter to remove his image from the 2000 NFL draft, where he is shirtless with long shorts on. Allen to troll Brady with the picture by giving him a decidedly golf ball with the picture printed on the side of the ball. Allen said he would use the ball in the match.

Brady then responded to the first hole by showing his ball, which had a picture of the Lombardi trophy on it. Brady has won seven Super Bowls, so he showed the picture and asked Allen if he’s ever seen one before.

Charles Barkley goes into action

Before the round, TV reporter Amanda Renner asked Aaron Rodgers what the bet would be to let Charles Barkley cut Rodgers’ man bun off. Rodgers asked if Barkley would give him some money after the round and grow his hair out if they win instead.

“You know I do not like man buns, but you wear it well,” Barkley said. “I have to give you credit. In fairness, it’s just because you’re a great quarterback. If you were just like a plumber or something, it would not work. You’re Aaron Rodgers, so you can get away with it. “

Rodgers said that if Barkley beats him in a round on Tahoe on the 18th green, Rodgers will let him chop his man bun off. If Rodgers wins, Barkley will donate $ 25,000 to Rodgers’ favorite charity.

The trash started early

In a media availability, Rodgers explained that he and Brady got into the NFL when trashtalk was actually trashtalk. That now football players are friendly and the rubbish has gone downhill.

“When we started [in the NFL]certainly when [Brady] started, and when I started playing, there was really, really rubbish talk. Like, guys rattled each other and there was a lot of good talk and we knew who they were around the league, “Rodgers said.” And now it’s more buddy, you know, social media after each other, memes, this emoji s- – and it’s not the same. So when you talk about Kermit the Frog (Mahomes, per memes) and Josh [Allen] trying to talk about me and Tom, a couple of old-fashioned, dirty vets … come on. “

If the early evidence is a sign of how this fight will unfold, it looks like we’ll get a treat.

Brady started tweeting early on social media when he posted an edited photo that was originally a brady without a torso watching his son hit a golf ball. The edited version had Allen’s head on Brady’s son’s head.

Allen and Mahomes dug into Brady and his ability to write jokes, saying he has a team of writers who take care of his script for him. Allen said that when Brady releases the script, he will not be able to come back and hang out with the younger guys throughout the event.

Mahomes played from that joke on social media, retweeted an ad from Brady and said he should talk to the writers of the joke.

Koepka even took part in the fun by taking a shot at DeChambeau, because why not? Koepka and DeChambeau have had their own feud, which unfolded in what was to be their own 12-hole exhibition, where they went one-on-one against each other.

Koepka ended up beating DeChambeau in nine holes, so he tweeted good luck to everyone in this match, while reminding everyone who forgot that he only needed nine to beat his nemesis.

Brady is 0-2 in the event, so if the trash can continues from his team, he will have to hope the game supports it and gets him in the winning column against the younger quarterbacks. Allen reminded Brady in the media availability that Father Time is undefeated.

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