Mesut Ozil wrecks Arsenal fan Piers Morgan on Twitter

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It’s not very often that open announcer Piers Morgan gets knocked down a couple of times, but that’s exactly what Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil accomplished on Monday night.

Morgan, a famous Arsenal fan, clearly still resented the Gunners’ defeat in the North London derby at White Hart Lane.

When Ozil decided to tweet about having fans behind him, it caused Morgan to have a clearly unnecessary and overreaction.

It is not a surprise given that it is his actions on Good Morning Britain.

Morgan compared Ozil to Paul Pogba of Man United in that he was lazy and overpaid, but was soon put in his place.

“Piers, buddy, are you still bitter about the other day?” He wrote.

“It seems that you are not a big fan of the World Champions. I would like you to see as well as you hear things.”

At present, there is still no idea why Mikel Arteta feels the need to keep Ozil on the sidelines and out of his Premier League and Champions League teams.

With the Gunners really fighting, it would make sense to bring him back into the fold. That could shut Morgan down in the process, which is always a good thing.

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