McVay expects ‘much more’ OBJ, Miller vs. Packers

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THOUSAND EGE, California – Coach Sean McVay expects wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and outside linebacker Von Miller gets more roles when the Los Angeles Rams play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

“Much more, hopefully,” McVay said Friday when asked if he expected to get more out of the veteran duo in their second appearance since coming to the Rams, which is 7-3 and coming off a goodbye.

The Rams need an all-hands approach against Aaron Rodgers and the 8-3 Packers at Lambeau Field as they try to end a two-game losing streak.

Beckham agreed to a $ 1.25 million one-year contract with the Rams four days before passing and playing 15 of 55 snaps in a Week 10, 31-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The eighth-year pro caught 2 passes on 18 yards and was targeted on a third pass, but the deep throw from quarterback Matthew Stafford was intercepted when Beckham apparently broke off the route.

“Odell [is] just to become more familiar, “McVay said.” I think it’s an incredible credit to him to be able to even play in the fight against the Niners.

The Rams did not train on Thursday due to strong winds at their training facility, but instead held a walk-through. McVay noted that more physical reps were added to Friday’s schedule to compensate for the change, saying the additional review could help Beckham.

“It helps because he’s getting up to speed mentally,” McVay said. “You do not take for granted how important the physical reps and the connection that he and Matthew continue to develop are, and so because we want to do a little more reps today, we end up getting about the same number as we do. would in a normal week, so that would be a good thing, but he has done great. “

Beckham, who has been kept under 30 yards in five of his last six games played, said he spent the farewell week concentrating on the game book and his physical fitness, which was affected due to lack of routine after his last game with Cleveland Browns Oct. 31

“I have certainly felt that I have not been in the flow that I would normally have been in with a set schedule,” Beckham said. “So I’m just trying to get back to it and find my way back to where I know I can be.”

Stafford said he has been impressed with what Beckham has been able to understand in his short time with the team.

“Nine out of 10 times he breaks down with a whole lot of confidence, knowing what he’s doing, which’s great for me as a quarterback to be able to just do my job,” Stafford said.

Miller, who was acquired in a grand deal with the Denver Broncos before the trade deadline earlier this month, was inactive in his first game in Los Angeles as he continued to recover from an ankle sprain, so the triple All-Pro also made his debut ahead for goodbye to 49ers.

Miller played 45 of 68 snaps and recorded two tackles, including one for a loss.

“Von did a great job, played a lot of snaps,” McVay said. “I think he will be so much healthier, so much fresher by coming off goodbye and giving his ankle another handful of days to continue making progress and steps in the right direction without having any setbacks in over the last few weeks. “

When the Rams ‘farewell coincided with the Broncos’, Miller said it was just in time,

“I’m feeling pretty good, feeling a little more comfortable with the playbook, ankle is a lot healthier,” Miller said. “So the farewell week was fantastic.”

When asked to clarify how well his ankle, which he sprained in week 7, was doing, Miller said it was something he did not even think about.

“It’s a non-factor,” Miller said of the injury. “What we did was perfect by waiting a week, playing a week and then having a goodbye week after. Some things were just cleaned up, so it’s really a non-factor, and I really do not think about it. . “

In eight games this season, Miller has 4.5 sacks.


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