Maybe Steelers fans were wrong about that Chase Claypool

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Will Pittsburgh Steelers fans warm up to Chase Claypool as he continues to prove himself and work to overcome his mistakes?

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool is young. He has made some mistakes. He has received a lot of criticism. But is there a chance that Claypool is starting to show maturity? Is it possible that all he needed was some time to focus on how he could improve?

The 23-year-old wide receiver caught everyone’s attention and frustrated many in Pittsburgh with some pretty interesting twists and turns back in the regular season. Some former members of the Steelers were not enthusiastic about Claypool and told everyone about it.

But it certainly looks like Claypool might be growing up a bit.

Some Steelers fans have noticed what they perceive as a change in Claypool and the way he has played over the course of the season. Fans tend to love players that they perceive as focused on the team and do the small, basic things well. If Claypool does that and avoids attracting negative attention, people will fall in love with him and his potential.

Could Chase Claypool turn a corner and prove himself to Pittsburgh Steelers fans?

Along with Claypool, some Steelers fans have found themselves frustrated with JuJu Smith-Schuster at various times. Some people were not exactly thrilled when the broadband receiver took an unnecessary risk with the milk crate challenge last summer.

But Smith-Schuster has also put his body on the line for the Steelers, and he has done just about everything to get back in shape while Pittsburgh prepares to go into the playoffs.

If the Steelers are to find anything reminiscent of success in the playoffs this year, they need guys like Smith-Schuster and Claypool to take some big steps forward. It remains to be seen what exactly will happen, but things like this should be encouraging to the people of Pittsburgh.

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