Mateusz Klich names Southampton dangerous man Leeds must shut up

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Mateusz Klich warned that Leeds must do everything possible to prevent Southampton from using what the Pole considers its most dangerous weapon.

The two sides square off on Elland Road Tuesday night in something of a mid-table battle. However, the Saints have not won in the Premier League since their Jan. 4 win over Liverpool. The Whites, meanwhile, return to Elland Road after two away losses to Arsenal and Wolves.

Leeds will not have influential star Kalvin Phillips for the game; the star of England marched again with a calf problem. Your place in midfield should go to A young star Marcelo Bielsa insists “he has your confidence”.

Heading into the game, Klich knows that the key to Leeds claiming victory will be to keep James Ward-Prowse of the ball. The Saints’ pattern has an unreal quality to his dead ball game, with one hand on 11 goals this season.

Talking with him Leeds official website, Klich hopes Leeds can deprive Ward-Prowse of opportunities.

“They were amazing [in the opening few months of the season], ” Klich said. “They play very good football, they have possession of the ball, they are aggressive, they also run a lot.

“To be fair, they play very similar to us, although they make more free throws. We know we have to make sure we don’t kick anyone on the edge of the box, because it’s basically a penalty for James Ward-Prowse. “

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Hasenhuttl disagrees with Klich’s comments

The Chief of Saints, Ralph Hasenhuttl, Meanwhile, he seems to disagree with Klich’s claims that the two parties play similar styles..

Speaking before the game against Bielsa’s men, Hasenhuttl claimed that the Argentine’s man-to-man marking system is what separates their philosophies.

“He is a famous coach, successful with Leeds,” said the Southampton Pattern.

“He has a completely opposite way of thinking from mine. His defense is definitely more man-oriented than ball-oriented. It will be interesting on Tuesday.

“There are more ways to do it, not just one. As long as it is successful, everything will be fine.

“The Premier League is very tactical at the highest level and you have to find a balance. This will be one of the most interesting games.

“We don’t have much time to prepare for this match, but for Leeds it’s the same.

“I just talked about the different way of seeing football and we are also unique in our way of defending, I don’t see that many teams do it the way we do. I’m sure you could say the same for yours. It’s the opposite. It will be interesting to see. “

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