Marcus Davenport has had part of his finger amputated

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New Orleans Saint’s defensive end Marcus Davenport seems to finally get to rest his finger problems after getting part of an amputated.

Saint’s defensive end Marcus Davenport is struggling with his left little finger, but after getting part of it amputated out of season, it’s hopefully all from here for him.

This problem has been around for a long time for Davenport. According to ESPN’s report on the situation, it began in 2016 when he tore ligaments in it.

He had to amputate because he broke a plate and got an infection from it, which can be extremely serious if it is not taken care of right away. That kind of thing can go from being something small to being life threatening, so luckily they got it handled before it got worse.

Saints: Marcus Davenport has had his finger amputated

Davenport could probably have been back to training camp after having shoulder surgery in January, but with this amputation, it looks like he will be out for a longer period of time.

However, a longer rehabilitation period is a far better result than what could have happened if he did not take care of this little finger.

Once he can get back on the field, Davenport should not miss a beat and his production should not be overly influenced.

Now, if it was another of his fingers, it could have been a problem, but the pinkie finger is a bit like the toe – people can make adjustments without skipping a stroke. Davenport can shine without it, and without it causing pain, it will be even better for him.

He missed 18 matches due to different foods, so getting healthy has been a top priority. Now that he is on that track, he can get back on track and make the Saints realize that he is someone to stay around.

Even with his fifth year opportunity for this upcoming season, he needs a good one to stick to New Orleans. Hopefully he will be able to prove himself, otherwise Davenport will chase a new team.

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