Mane defends Liverpool under fire: ‘he’s my favorite teammate’

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Sadio Mane believes that Roberto Firmino should receive more applause than he and Mo Salah in Liverpool.

At Anfield the exact opposite happens. It is Mane and Salah who take the praise with the Brazilian Firmino generally well below the hierarchical order.

That has been the case even more this season with Firmino’s production under scrutiny. The 29-year-old has scored six goals and received five assists in 25 Premier League games this season.

Jamie Carragher said in January that he was concerned about Firmino’s future in Liverpool.

However, Mane, who only has one more goal in the Premier League than Firmino this season, is a huge fan of his teammate.

Mane said ESPN Brazil his friend “deserves more credit” than his fellow strikers.

“He deserves more credit than me and Mo, sure. But it’s part of football, always seeing the goals scored, ”said Mane.

“But I think without Bobby I don’t see myself or Mo scoring as many goals as we do, to be honest.

“It makes everything easier for us. Brazil is lucky to have Firmino. I always tell Bobby ‘you have to change your nationality and maybe come to Senegal’, which for me would be a dream!

“I love him and he is my favorite teammate.”

Trent explains Liverpool’s problems

Meanwhile, Trent Alexander-Arnold believes Liverpool have fallen into a complacent “trap” that has resulted in their terrible streak.

The Reds were labeled as Roy Keane’s “Bad Champions” earlier this month. And it’s hard to disagree with the former Manchester United player.

Their downfall last season has been monumental and they face a fight to finish in the top four this time.

The Reds were champions last season with 99 points, but after 25 games this season they have just 40 points. They are behind the Man City leaders by 19 points.

The weekend’s derby loss to Everton was their fourth consecutive league loss at home, the first time since 1923.

Spirit Alexander-Arnold he thinks the Reds just hoped things would improve.

“The trap we have probably fallen into this season is that we almost expected to win games on some occasions because we know we have the quality to find that goal from somewhere,” he said on Liverpool FC’s official matchday program.


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