Man Utd Boss Sunshine Enjoys ‘Exciting’ Premier League Title Race

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said he is excited to open the race for the Premier League title this season as the Red Devils trophy.

United visit Burnley on Tuesday tied with 33 points alongside their rivals and defending champions Liverpool at the top of the table, with a chance to move to the top after having played one game less.

Liverpool rose to Premier League glory by 18 points last season, but only one point separates leader and third-placed Leicester City this season, while Chelsea are just seven points behind ninth in 17 rounds.

Solskjaer enjoys the competitiveness as United look to win their first Premier League trophy since 2012-13.

“I think all teams want to control the Premier League, of course,” Solskjaer told reporters.

“But it’s that kind of season, kind of year, kind of situation where there will be ups and downs, less consistency in results and performances.

“For me, it is exciting. As a fan or a fan, it’s more interesting, of course, when there are more teams in and around each other compared to last season, where one just got away. “

Once the leading powerhouse in English football under Alex Ferguson, United have spent just 51 days at the top of the table since the legendary Scottish manager retired in 2013.

The last time United finished a day at the top was the first of the 2018-19 season after beating Leicester 2-1; their meeting was the only game that day, and the Manchester club was eliminated from first place at the end of that day. Weekend.

United are unbeaten away in the top flight in 16 games and Burnley have not won consecutive league games with the Red Devils since 1968.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has already forced games to be postponed, Solskjaer said: “I think it will be very important if you have managed to keep a team in shape. It’s not just about physical injuries, of course, it’s also COVID. Teams can be seen getting really beaten up at times.

“Our guys have done well in that regard. We haven’t really lost many. The players themselves have done better.

“You have less to do outside of football than you could. You stay home, you rest and you recover and maybe for your own mental health you do some things in your own gym. You are working and taking care of yourself. I think that’s a factor here too.

“I don’t think they’re going to hang out too much anyway, but you have no chance of dating. [at the moment]. We hope they find out that we can live this way for the rest of our careers and make the most of our careers! “

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