Man City’s Ederson ‘boring’ vs. Gunners

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Arsenal have been widely criticized for their poor performance, as they lost 1-0 to Manchester City yesterday.

The Gunners are likely to always be the losers in this game after their poor form this season, while the City look unbeatable right now as they race to the title.

Still, it was certainly too easy for Pep Guardiola’s team at the Emirates Stadium, as Arsenal hardly put up a fight, with Garth Crooks far from being impressed with what he saw from the home side.

Writing in his column about BBC SportCrooks noted that City goalkeeper Ederson actually looked bored on the points, and Arsenal allowed their opponents to play slowly.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game like this,” Crooks said. “A game played practically step by step and in which Arsenal allowed the elected champions to pass over.

“There was even a time when Ederson seemed so bored that he threw a totally unnecessary backward pass from his goal line straight into the opponent for the fun of it.

“This surely cannot continue. Arsenal did not try to mix things up and play a game that would make good players uncomfortable, put them under pressure or even harass them.

“At this rate, Ruben Dias will play the game until he is 47 years old.

“The Portugal international is about to win the Premier League title without a scratch and that cannot be correct.

“Is anyone going to make things uncomfortable for City? What is the game about in English? “

It’s certainly sad to see how far a great team like Arsenal have fallen as of late, with Mikel Arteta perhaps increasingly being the wrong man for such a difficult job.

A major rebuild is needed at Arsenal, and the inexperienced Arteta may have come at the wrong time, even if he has shown a lot of promise early in his coaching career.

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