Man City talent Palmer on a similar trajectory as Foden, Borrell suggests

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Manchester City’s youngster Cole Palmer could have a similar trajectory as Phil Fodens, according to Pep Guardiola’s assistant Rodolfo Borrell.

Palmer played a crucial role in City’s 4-1 FA Cup victory in the third round over Swindon Town on Friday, where he put in front of Bernardo Silva before scoring his first goal of the competition late with a magnificent blow.

It was an all-round positive display from the right wing, whose close ball control and technical abilities made him a constant nuisance to the fourth-team opponent, while also proving to be a reliable creative output.

No player on the field could match his four created chances, and his overall positivity on and off the ball led him to register four more keys (14) in the penalty area than anyone else.

That led to a total of five shots, four of which were from inside the field, including his well-taken goal.

The 19-year-old made his 10th competitive appearance of the season across all tournaments and watched at home alongside seasoned superstars like Kevin De Bruyne and Silva.

Borrell, who was responsible because of Guardiola, who tested positive for coronavirus, suggested they look at Palmer’s development in a similar light as Foot.

With that said to Borrell that Palmer looked “special”, the coach told ITV Sport: “Yes, it’s true we have him to train with us [the first team] on a regular basis.

“He has a great quality, everyone has been able to see this. He’s a great player, still needs to develop quite a lot, but there’s obviously a lot of talent there.

“Hopefully very soon he can play more minutes with us like Phil Foden a few years ago.”

Borrell tried to dampen any comparison between the two City youth products, but he made no secret of his enthusiasm for Palmer.

He continued: “They are completely different players and Phil has obviously shown … I will not say that [Foden’s shown] more than him, but apparently he is older than [Palmer] and has been given several options.

“Ultimately, they are two fantastic players. Right now, Phil is already established on our first team and on the national team.

“With Cole, he obviously has the talent and the ingredients to stay [something similar] but let us see.

“It’s in his hands he has to keep working hard and performing consistently at a good level.”

In the end, there was little for City to worry about at County Ground, with Guardiola’s absence no more than a footnote.

It turned out that he had little to do with the game when it first started, such is his belief in his coaches.

Borrell added: “We were in touch at the break. There was not a massive change because everything was as planned as before.

“He has great confidence in all of us. Not just me, but the entire backroom staff, we’ve been with him for a long time.

“We planned all this together, but to be honest with you, he said after the start of the game, ‘listen, pretend I was not there and if you need anything, keep in touch and we’ll talk at the break. ‘.

“He has tremendous confidence in us and I’m grateful, we’re grateful. Everything went as planned and it’s been a great experience for me and for all of us.”

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