Man City Owners Group Partners With Bolivian Club

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The owner of Manchester City and New York City FC, the City Football Group, will add a new club to their company. They will immerse themselves in the South American market in their association with the Bolívar Club of Bolivia, Athletic reports.

For those who don’t know Bolívar, they are the most successful in Bolivia, winning 29 league titles, the last of which he won in 2019.

CFG will not have an interest in the Bolívar property; however, the South American side will have access to many CFG resources. The data and technology to measure player performance and those in the CFG system who seek, train and develop players will be at your disposal to use.

Bolívar will also see an injection of financial compensation from the Man City owning group to increase revenue and build new facilities.

Given that CFG already owns clubs in 11 countries on five continents, it could be a long time before they buy Bolívar or another club in South America as they start to dive into the market with this association.

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