Maguire surprised after being ‘sure’ of a wrong decision in the Manchester United draw

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Harry Maguire was puzzled as to why the decision to award him a penalty was overturned in Manchester United’s draw with West Bromwich Albion.

United drew 1-1 against West Brom, even though the two sides enter the game at opposite ends of the table.

Mbaye Diagne put the Baggies ahead early on before Bruno Fernandes leveled things out for United just before half-time.

In the second half, United could have had a great opportunity to take the lead when Maguire fell into the box. The referee originally gave a penalty kick.

However, after a VAR check, the decision was reversed.

United captain Maguire believed the original decision should have been upheld. He also disagreed on how West Brom’s goal was allowed.

“We created a lot of opportunities, enough to win the game,” Maguire said. Sky sports. “It was hard for us with the goal we conceded, for us it was a foul.

“We play the game in his half. We can do more and improve, but it is disappointing. It was hard work against a team that defends deep. In the second half we played with a great rhythm.

“I was so sure it was a penalty. I don’t understand why they sent it to check.

“I’m next to the defender’s goal, I feel a touch on my shoulder, he pushes me back, and then I feel a clip on my heels as well. It was minimal, but it is a penalty, especially after the referee signals the point where you think there is no possibility of it being disallowed.

“I was so confident that it was going to happen, but it seems that the decisions at this moment are going against us. However, we can’t trust the VAR, we puff and puff and we have to improve. “

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Sunshine wanted better performance

Truly, United I would have expected a more convincing performance that meant that such an incident would not have been a deal breaker in the game.

Coach Solskjaer admitted they left him too late to start the game and paid the price.

He said: “The goal we score is the way we push them. Sometimes we went down the sides, but we had no one to touch them.

“One of these days we were not where we should have been.

“We should play better, but we had a difficult start. You have 90 minutes to make amends, but we didn’t get that momentum until the end of the first half. “


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