Maguire slips and Neymar seals the victory of PSG vs United

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Paris Saint-Germain secured the three points against Manchester United with a third and final goal in the 90th minute after a beautiful play after a counterattack.

Kylian Mbappé was released at half-time as the youngster showed his maturity and know-how while slowing things down before sliding the ball towards Rafinha Alcantara.

Rafinha, who arrived from Barcelona this summer, passed the ball past Bruno Fernandes before passing it through the area to Neymar, who created some space by falling backwards.

In a moment that summed up the big collapse on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, captain Harry Maguire slipped while trying to cover the empty goal before Neymar put the ball in.

Images of BT Sport and RMC Sport.

Things got extremely sideways for the Red Devils in a very quick period during the second half, Marquinho’s one-goal fight was followed by Fred’s ejection immediately afterward, while Anthony Martial fired a shot over the bar from short away and Marcus Rashford was wounded.

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