Lukaku scores a double for Inter Milan, both thanks to VAR

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Romelu Lukaku has scored a double for Inter Milan against Lazio tonight, both as a result of VAR interventions.

Inter Milan are looking to fight their way back to the top of Serie A tonight, but a strong Lazio side stands in their way.

Fortunately for Antonio Conte, there was nothing solid at Lazio tonight.

Lukaku’s first goal came from the penalty spot. The referee ruled a foul on Lautaro Martínez in the area.

There is slight contact with the ball in the action of making the tackle, so it is controversial, but the VAR kept the decision and Lukaku was not wrong.

The Belgian then made the most of a very lucky diversion from a Lazio player who put him through the goal, with the former Manchester United player whipping home.

Lukaku would have been offside if the ball hadn’t come from a Lazio player, so he can thank his lucky stars. Things are going his way tonight!

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