Low ‘immensely disappointed’ by press leaks and still ‘furious’ over Germany’s loss to Spain

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Joachim Low will remain as Germany’s head coach, but the World Cup winner is not entirely satisfied with the way his future has been handled.

Joachim Low is “immensely disappointed” by the way stories about his future leaked to the press, but he is convinced that he is still the right person to lead Germany.

World Cup winning boss Low has come under great pressure following the 6-0 humiliation of the Nations League last month at the hands of Spain.

It was Germany’s toughest loss since losing to Austria in a friendly in 1931 by the same score and led to rumors that Low, in command since 2006, was coming out.

The president of the German Football Association (DFB), Fritz Keller, offered his endorsement to Low in the days after the defeat and the governing body confirmed last week that he will remain in charge.

However, reports in Germany have suggested that Keller tried to convince Low to shorten his contract by one year so that he could bring in a new coach after rescheduling Euro 2020 next year.

Low broke his silence at a press conference on Monday, and while he’s disappointed in what has been said and reported in recent weeks, he is hopeful to move on.

“I would like to clarify one thing: I am always open to constructive criticism,” he said. “So I was surprised to read and hear certain things after the defeat of Spain.

“We were all disappointed and angry that we disappointed the fans in the final game of 2020. Anger is still simmering within me. We don’t have a chance to correct the result.

“As always, we immediately started looking to the future. There were also some discussions with the DFB last Monday, it was not possible before.

“I grew up with the fact that things that are discussed internally are still internal. It has to do with trust and credibility. You can also openly express your opinion.

“But it bothered me a lot that a lot of things leaked after the first press release, by whoever. That disappointed me enormously.

“I also said at the meeting that things had happened that disappointed me. I made it clear to Fritz Keller once more over the phone what I heard on the matter.

“There’s nothing more to say about it. But that stays with me. We have talked and that’s the end of the matter for me.”

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Germany team principal Oliver Bierhoff revealed that he had talks with Ralf Rangnick to succeed Low as head coach.

“I’m not sure if he really said that or was hinting at it,” Low said. “He didn’t speak to me personally about it. But of course it’s part of your job to think about it fundamentally.

“What if …? What are the next steps …? That’s why you don’t have to talk to me about it. That’s not a problem for me. I think it’s the job of a manager.

“As Oliver always said: After the next tournament, a balance will be made. Then the association and also the coach have to decide whether the objectives have been achieved or not.

“So it’s completely normal to deal with things that may happen in due time. This is completely understandable to me.”

The DFB issued a statement a week after the Spain debacle stating that Low would be given “time and emotional distance” before a decision on his future was made.

Once again, however, Low was unhappy with the wording of the statement.

“There was a press release that needed an emotional distance. That was incomprehensible to me. I’ve been there for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of things.

“I said give me a day and then I’ll be available for anything. I was disappointed in that, with some things being made public. Which in part did not correspond to the truth.

“Once again, I have made it very clear internally that I want unity and trust in the things that are discussed internally. I made it clear.”

Germany’s defeat to Spain ended a 12-match unbeaten streak and finished second in Group A4 of the Nations League.


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