Liverpool offered the transfer of Sokratis from Arsenal

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It is not yet clear if Liverpool will add a center back this month, but Joel Matip continues to have injury problems and it would be a monumental risk to go with his current options.

On the other hand, there is no point in signing any old man to a spot on the team, so it could just come down to who is available on short notice.

It’s hard to imagine Liverpool fans will get too excited about this, but Fabrizio Romano has claimed about his “Here we go” podcast that Arsenal have offered Greek defender Sokratis to Liverpool this month.

He’s barely seeing Arsenal so that’s not to suggest he’ll be a huge success, but he’s a seasoned defender who also played with Jurgen Klopp during their time together in Dortmund.

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That suggests there might be a level of trust from the manager towards Sokratis and he will know exactly what he’s capable of, but you have to wonder if Nat Phillips or Rhys Williams is worth playing with in the long run.

Perhaps it could be kept as an emergency option if nothing else is opened in the window, but it would definitely be worth seeing what else is there from Liverpool’s point of view before they move in here.

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