Lightest Football Boots in the World 2020

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Among the characteristics of a football boot, weight is perhaps something the average amateur player thinks the least about. But weight can both directly and indirectly be a very important factor in choosing a boot. I have collected over 100 different shoes and their weight, so you can see which are the world’s lightest soccer boots 2020.

Why is weight important?

Typically, the weight of a boot will be most important for players in the offensive part of the game. And therefore it is no wonder that both Messi and Ronaldo wear boots that are in the top 10, because they both very much need maximum speed when challenging opponents.

One might therefore wonder why Ronaldo has not chosen e.g. a Puma King SL, or even more logically, played in the world’s lightest football boots namely Adidas’ F50 Adizero – but here we are probably talking more about marketing than real professional choices.

Besides excellent work from Nike’s marketing department, there are other factors behind Ronaldo’s choice of boot, which also help to show that weight alone does not do the job.

If we look at the other end of the track, the weight will not directly affect the choice of boot. Typically, a boot for a defensively oriented player will be heavier than it must be able to withstand a lot more blows when the player makes tackles and has much more close contact with the opponent.

Therefore, one typically chooses boots in leather, or at least with an extra layer of protection, which helps to increase the weight. And when at the same time you do not need speed to the same degree as the offensive players, the weight is naturally downgraded. That’s why we’ll hardly ever see a defensive player in the world’s lightest football boots.

Four of the lightest football boots in the world

When you look at the Top 3 among the lightest football boots in the world, you will find Adidas’ F50 Adizero at the top of the podium. The missing element of surprise is that it is Lionel Messi’s boots, and he needs speed and thus light boots as previously mentioned.

If you look at the 2nd and 3rd place, you will find a little surprising for most people, perhaps boots from resp. Puma and Diadora. Not brands that are unknown, but two brands that are far from either Adidas or Nike’s market shares and which do not create the same recognizability among the average fan and player.

However, that they are still so far up the rankings also shows that they have not given up and withdrawn from the match, or cannot make boots that are competitive.

The winner – Adidas F50 Adizero, Messi’s favorite

lightest football boots in the world

The world’s lightest boot is without a doubt Adidas’ F50 Adizero. This is Adidas’ absolute best-selling football boot. due to the fact that it has marketed it as Messi’s favorite boot. A boot that has been exposed to all the best thoughts of the Adidas engineers and which is filled with so many features and technologies that you almost get a headache.

Built in their Hybrid touch synthetic leather, aluminum knobs and a specially developed 3D surface that should increase control of the ball, it guarantees that you get a boot that Adidas is without a doubt very proud of.

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Puma King SL

puma king sl

SL stands for Super Light – and you say that it lasts. A paltry 171 grams brings the boot into a 2nd place over the world’s lightweight football shoes. Strangely enough, the boot does not belong in Puma’s SpeedCell collection, but in the TouchCell collection, whose primary focus is ball control. But therefore you can have excellent ball control in a light boot.

The material is leather, unlike many other lightweight boots (and football boots) which are built in artificial material. And while Puma can’t beat Adidas and Nike on brand value, they can still boast players like Falcao, Cesc Fàbregas, and Kun Agüero

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Diadora DD-NA GLX 14

Diadora DD-NA GLX 14

Instead of reviewing boots from the same brands several times, I have showed boots from different brands – in this case we look at a boot from Diadora.

An even less used and well-known brand than Puma, but the Italians should be thought to have a certain understanding of the game and this boot must say that, which despite its slightly strange name, deserves praise for being so lightweight.

The “missing” weight must primarily be found in the material which is Diadora’s specially developed SuprellPro3L microfiber fabric, but the boots are distinguished by using the self-developed GEOX Net Breathing System technology, which should provide a better opportunity to let the feet breathe.

In addition, Diadora also boasts that the boot provides excellent ball control, which is a common feature of boots developed for high-speed players – so you do not have a feeling that it is also difficult to maintain control of the ball.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC FG, Ronaldo’s favorite

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX ACC FG, Ronaldo's favorite

That Ronaldo’s favorite boots are not in the Top 3 among the world’s featherweight football boots may come as a bit of a surprise. One can always discuss how much 30-35 grams means, but there is probably no doubt that for a perfectionist like Ronaldo, even the smallest detail means a great deal.

And I wonder if a few engineers can come up with a detailed report or two on the importance of weight. Precisely for this reason, it may come as a surprise, but the explanation must probably be found elsewhere.

Abilities such as ball control in all kinds of weather and not least agility and grip on the court so that the boot works optimally when Ronaldo takes one of his sharp turns, makes the boot a really strong boot.

If you look at the many details in the boot, Ronaldo has deliberately helped to ensure that the weight of the boot has not been more important than that other qualities have also had to be prioritized.

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