Lewandowski’s € 50 bet with Klopp helped him become the best at Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich

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The prolific Polish leader found things difficult after moving to Germany, but his remarkable skill set was honed by the current Liverpool manager.

Robert Lewandowski has revealed that a € 50 goal bet with Jurgen Klopp helped set him on the path to becoming the best, with the current Liverpool manager forced to withdraw from a bet on training ground while making the decisions at Borussia Dortmund.

The prolific Polish leader was hired by Dortmund in 2010 and tasked with spearheading the quest for national and continental glory.

Ultimately he would fulfill that task, winning two Bundesliga titles and, at the same time, reaching the final of the Champions League, but a great modern player initially found things difficult in Germany.

Klopp, who has built a reputation as one of the best managers in the business, helped help Lewandowski’s transition by making all aspects of his job more competitive.

The 32-year-old found that those challenges pushed him out of his pocket early on, but the tide soon turned when he began “hoarding money.”

Lewandowski said The players’ rostrum of how his remarkable skill set was honed: “When I got [at Dortmund] He could barely speak a word of German. I knew thank you. Thank you. The weather was rainy and gray. And with Klopp, the intensity in training was very, very high.

“I was desperate to make my mark and Jurgen wanted to challenge me. So in the first few months we made a small bet. If I scored 10 goals in a training session, it gave me 50 euros. If not, I would give you 50 euros.

“The first weeks I had to pay almost every time. He laughed. But after a few months, the tables turned. I was the one raising the money.

“So one day he said, ‘Stop! OK! That’s enough. You’re ready now. ‘

Lewandowski was ready, with 103 goals sacked in 187 appearances for Dortmund.

His predatory instincts were brought to Bayern Munich in 2014, with 269 more attempts recorded for the German champions in just 309 starts.

The Polish international has been improving with age, with a personal best of 55 goals in a 2019-20 campaign that won the treble, earning him the prestigious FIFA Best award.

Lewandowski’s legacy as one of the best in the business is now assured, but he acknowledges that a number of important figures have helped him to this point.

He added: “Of course, Jurgen wasn’t the only one who helped me improve. When I moved to Bayern, I learned a lot from coaches like Jupp Heynckes, Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti and now Hansi Flick.

“Just playing for Bayern is really an educational experience, because the demands are very high and the club’s culture is very professional. You are forced to raise your standards, and you do. Still, I couldn’t have acted the way I have without the help of my loved ones. “


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