LeSean McCoy explains why he did not enjoy his time with the Chiefs

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LeSean McCoy did not like his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, he just did not like a particular person.

One of the most mystifying questions about the NFL over the past few years has been why Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has not been given a head coaching job.

If another coordinator – specifically a white one – had a resume that includes coaching Patrick Mahomes, being on the Andy Ried tree, winning a Super Bowl and helping make a foul that changed the way the league put together its lists, he would already be a few years inside a head coach appearance.

Yet, four years later, he is still in the same job.

The mystery surrounding why Bieniemy does not have, and apparently cannot, get a job as head coach is getting bigger for each free season. When there were reports circulating that he had been passed over for work, it was initially explained away as he was difficult to work with. The obvious opposite of this was to refer to the NFL’s very real and extremely serious problem of giving black coaches chances to succeed. Bieniemy is undoubtedly a likely victim of a systemic problem that the NFL has with minority coaches – something it is being sued for – but there seems to be at least some belief in the idea that Bieniemy is not someone players like to play for.

LeSean McCoy is one of those players.

LeSean McCoy shouted Eric Bieniemy about his coaching style

The ex-Chiefs running back, who was in Kansas City for a single season, spoke with I’m an athlete podcast and absolutely blazing Bieniemy.

McCoy states that the reason he only stayed a single season in Kansas City was Bieniemy.

“There’s a reason they hyper him every year to get a job, and when the time comes, no one hires him because they know what type of coach he really is,” McCoy said.

While McCoy toasted Bieniemy, he stopped going to the burnt earth and actually giving details of what he was emitting. Yet the statement is judgmental.

This is not the first time Bieniemy’s name and reputation have been dragged through the mud. After the Chiefs lost the AFC Championship game last season, an unconfirmed and since deleted report described a confrontation between Bieniemy and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

To be fair, the report was not from a mainstream NFL reporter and was withdrawn when it went viral. But the seeds have been planted, and McCoy’s comments do not water them as much as they dump it Venom X things from batman and robin on it.

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