Leeds United owner doubles up in disgusting tweet encouraging abuse of expert

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Soccer is a game of opinions, as we all know, and the rise of social media has allowed everyone to defend that opinion in any way they choose.

For the most part, fans and experts may agree to disagree, but occasionally the “crowding” exceeds acceptable limits.

It doesn’t help when official club accounts take a line straight from a joke account playbook and invite unnecessarily hostile comments, as Leeds United did with this tweet directed at Amazon Prime’s Karen Carney:

Whether one agrees with Carney’s views or not is the problem here.

The broadcaster pays you for your opinion, and there will probably be as many viewers who agree with your feelings as those who don’t.

The tone of the tweet was deliberate and got the reaction that could have been expected, as a result, another woman in the game was abused throughout the night.

Rather than seek to publicly apologize for the manager’s actions on Leeds ‘official Twitter account, the club’s owner, Andrea Radrizzani, chimed in with his own criticism of Carney, in response to journalist Annie Eaves’ take on the incident:

His words are useless at best and, at worst, a signifier that it is perfectly fine to shoot any obnoxious and misogynistic fans that his club supporters wish to write from behind their screen. computer.

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