Lampard reveals Chelsea stars will practice celebrations after hug ban

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Frank Lampard has revealed that Chelsea will try new goal celebrations in training after Premier League bosses banned hugs, handshakes and high-fives.

The head of the Blues supports the new measures, which are designed to restrict contact and reduce the risk of contagion of COVID-19 within football.

Premier League officials have been holding talks with managers and head coaches, as well as various players, before weekend games to emphasize the importance of following protocols.

Lampard is concerned that the new rules could lead to reservations or, in the case of second reservations, red cards if players are penalized for celebrating.

The situation means players at Chelsea’s Cobham headquarters will be looking for different ways to enjoy the goals ahead of their clash with West London rival Fulham on Saturday.

When asked if such training field experiments would be sensible, Lampard said at a press conference: “Yes, I agree.

“We practice social distancing as much as we can on the training ground. In the field it can sometimes be difficult because you have to train and get closer to each other.

“In training, I guess instinct or timing shouldn’t catch you as much as it would in games when you’re scoring in the Premier League.

“It is something that I am going to transmit to the players.”

Lampard said he was not aware of any move by Chelsea to bring former head coach Avram Grant back to the club.

That has been reported as an option the club is considering to bolster Lampard’s coaching team after four defeats in six Premier League games.

“I don’t know anything about it,” Lampard said.

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