Lampard details how serious Havertz’s coronavirus case was

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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has explained how sick Kai Havertz was after his COVID-19 diagnosis, as Telegraph report.

Havertz missed an action stint for the Blues last month after being diagnosed with the virus, which has taken over the world for the past eight moments.

The German, who signed for the club in the summer for what the Telegraph reported was a £ 62 million fee, could have done so without unwelcome interruptions early in his Chelsea career.

Unfortunately, one appeared in the form of COVID-19, and Lampard has now detailed how much Havertz suffered after testing positive for coronavirus.

Lampard is quoted by the Telegraph as saying:

“He had very strong symptoms of Covid. He was very ill and struggled for quite some time. Not all players have had it like this, some have been symptom free, so we had to take it into account. That’s why it took him about two weeks to start a game once he came back from Covid. “

It’s great to hear that Havertz came out the other side unscathed. It is important to emphasize that it is not ONLY the elderly and vulnerable who have lost their lives to the coronavirus.

As unlikely as it is that a fit person like Havertz could suffer long-term harm, or even death, as a result of contracting coronavirus, it is not impossible.

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