Klopp takes aim at Gary Neville as player wellness spiel reaches new level

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Jurgen Klopp responded to Gary Neville after the expert claimed that the Liverpool manager was seeking an advantage with his calls to consider the player’s well-being.

Klopp has spoken out strongly on several occasions about the impact the season is having on players.

Players like Liverpool have played three times in most weeks this season after the campaign started in September. But Klopp has gotten even angrier at broadcasters because, in his opinion, not make the schedule easier.

In addition, he has asked that the Premier League allow teams to make five substitutions to protect players.

Gary Neville recently stated that as a manager of a superior team, the German naturally sought to gain an advantage for his players.

However, in his last press conference, Klopp struck back at the former Manchester United full-back.

“We can’t just ignore it because some people say it would be an advantage to others because it is not an advantage,” said the manager. “I can’t say it often enough.

“I heard now that Gary Neville He said… I don’t remember exactly what he said but it’s not about Liverpool. Whatever you think, maybe it’s the way you would deal with the situation.

“But he cannot think and should not think that I am like him because I am not like him. I speak of all the players and not only of those of Liverpool ”.

But that was just one segment of Klopp’s new spiel on player wellness that lasted more than five minutes. He was initially questioned at a recent Premier League shareholders meeting, in which implementing five substitutions was not on the agenda.

Klopp said it represented a bleak signal for those teams that had previously been in favor of the change.

Klopp on the recent shareholders meeting

Asked about the omission, Klopp said: “I was not surprised because I knew it and I think the information speaks for itself.

“Nobody thought it would be approved, I told them that in a coaches meeting, if we had voted that day, which we were not allowed, then it would have been approved with 15 or 16 votes.

“That it hasn’t happened since is obviously a sign that some CEOs and shareholders see [the issue] differently from your managers. That’s not a good sign because it shows that these people are absolutely ignorant of the player’s well-being.

“Coaches don’t do that and these people do. That’s not cool, but if you don’t have a chance to vote, you have to accept it.

“But as it is about the well-being and mental health of the players, the whole package, we will not stop fighting for it.”

Liverpool He will return to Premier League action on Sunday when he host Wolves at Anfield. Two thousand local fans will return to the stands for the first time since March.

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