Kevin Gameiro soon at Puma Football?

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Historically linked to Nike, Kevin Gameiro could change era in the coming weeks since he now trains in Puma crampons.

Some things change, some don’t. While we will soon change the year, Puma Football continues to recruit new ambassadors and it is again the Ultra that seems to have seduced a player who was previously under contract with Nike. Kevin Gameiro, Valencia FC player, was indeed noticed thanks to his pair of Ultra from the Chasing Adrenaline pack during the club’s last training.

Puma still uses its OEM status to sign players

From his beginnings with RC Strasbourg, until his passage through Lorient, PSG, Sevilla FC, Atlético Madrid and today a Valencia FC player, Kevin Gameiro had never worn Puma crampons, or any of the least, he had never stood out. After starting with the adidas f50 TUNIT in his young career, then engaged in the adipure before returning with the f50 adizero for several years, the French international finally got involved with Nike and became an ambassador of the Mercurial range. Apart from adipure, Gameiro has therefore always evolved with crampons intended for speed and the Puma Ultra is obviously part of this continuity.

A formidable scorer, Kevin Gameiro could in turn extend the (long) list of players who leave Nike to sail to other skies. Always on the lookout in this kind of context, Puma Football once again used its daily presence alongside the FC Valence teams to possibly get hold of the former Lorient. Like Dimitri Payet at OM, Fernandinho at Manchester City, Axel Witsel at Borussia Dortmund and many others, the brand with the leaping feline knows perfectly well how to seize the opportunities when it presents itself in front of it. It now remains to confirm this test for Puma Football in order to make Kévin Gameiro a new member of PUMAfam and start the year 2021 in the same way it ended, with the arrival of new players.

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