Kanye West takes full credit for Aaron Donald’s record-breaking contract

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Aaron Donald received a record-breaking contract extension from the Los Angeles Rams yesterday, and Kanye West takes the credit for making that happen.

Los Angeles Rams fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Rams star defensive lineman Aaron Donald, who had previously toyed with the idea of ​​retiring, unless he got a new deal for a massive contract extension yesterday afternoon.

Anders has openly considered retiring during the low season, and it became a real possibility when the Rams won the Super Bowl LVI over the Cincinnati Bengals. Anders’ departure would have been a big loss for the Rams, as the Triple Defensive Player of the Year is the centerpiece of one of the best defensive units in the NFL.

With Anders back in tow, the Rams’ Super Bowl hopes are still in place. The NFC is significantly weaker than the AFC, and the Rams may be the favorite to get back to the Super Bowl out of the NFC with Anders officially back on board.

Aaron Donald’s partnership with Kanye West and Donda Sports may have helped push the deal through

Rams fans may have an unlikely figure to thank for Donald’s new deal, and it would be none other than Kanye West and his sports agency, Donda Sports. Donald recently partnered with Donda Sports prior to his extension and quickly terminated the deal shortly after joining the infantry sports team. Coincidence? Kanye does not think so.

Kanye believes he and Donda Sports are fully responsible for Donald’s groundbreaking extension, and while he may have played a role in it, his role was probably not as big as he seems to think it was. Donald’s new deal was negotiated primarily by Ram’s front office and his agent, Todd France.

Anders’ partnership with Donda Sports is more about helping Anders expand his business activities outside of sports. The partnership seemed to be a way for Anders to establish himself in the event that he actually had to retire from the football game.

That does not immediately make Kanye West or anyone at Donda Sports’s Donald’s agent, which obviously reduces their influence in helping this deal get implemented. Donald’s deal with West may have helped pressure the Rams to offer him a deal that works for him, as it showed Donald was preparing for life after football, whether he retired or not.

West has always been one of the quarrels, and he clearly believes Donda Sports played a bigger role in Donald’s new deal than it did. If anything, the reverse is true, according to FanSided’s Bret Stuter. Aaron Donald’s name validated the new business outfit, which allowed Ye to take advantage of the hype and sign Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown, who is busy getting through the NBA Finals.

Donald’s deal with Donda Sports, however, shows that the group matters and they are unlikely to disappear into the background of the sports scene for a while.

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