Kane charged with dangerous gambling after Gabriel moment

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Tottenham Hotspur superstar Harry Kane has been told that he will inevitably ‘break’ another player’s ‘neck’ after being accused again of dangerous play, this time on Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes.

In the 92nd minute of Spurs’ 2-0 win over North London rivals Arsenal on Sunday, Kane fell back towards the Arsenal center-back during an aerial duel, leaving Gabriel landing on his back from high up.

The incident left both players on the court, with Gabriel extremely fortunate not to sustain a serious injury as a result of the impact to his neck.

Unfortunately, it’s quite impossible to sign this off as Kane’s accidental or simply trying to earn a foul, as the forward has used this tactic with Adam Lallana and Aaron Cresswell this season.

Images from Sky Sports.

It’s extremely disturbing to see Kane continuing to do this, for whatever reason, while Kristian von Streng Hæhre’s claims from Norwegian outlet TV2 can be a bit extreme – it’s clear a pattern is emerging.

Also alarming is the fact that the England captain did it in front of former Three Lions teammates Lallana and Cresswell.

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