Justin Jefferson ready to prove he’s better than Cooper Kupp in Kevin O’Connell’s offense

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Justin Jefferson is so excited to play for Kevin O’Connell and run the same offense that helped turn Cooper Kupp into a superstar.

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Minnesota Vikings star wide receiver Justin Jefferson is ecstatic about running the same Los Angeles Rams offense under new head coach Kevin O’Connell in which Cooper Kupp flourished.

No doubt about it. The third-year pro out of LSU is more talented than Kupp. However, the Rams’ No. 1 wide receiver won the receiving Triple Crown a year ago and also took home Super Bowl 56 MVP honors. Jefferson had played for defensive-minded Mike Zimmer the previous two seasons, but he is full of excitement to get started with the promising head coach.

Here’s what the Vikings’ No. 1 wide receiver had to say about the new offense his team is now running.

“Now I see why Coop was open so many times … It’s so wonderful to be in this type of offense,” Jefferson said of Minnesota’s new offense on NFL Network.

O’Connell was part of a Super Bowl team, but he wasn’t the straw that stirred the drink in LA

While Jefferson should have plenty of success in this offense, O’Connell is not yet Sean McVay.

Justin Jefferson can’t wait to run the same offense that Cooper Kupp just did

While it’s easy to see how O’Connell will pattern his Minnesota offense after what worked in Los Angeles, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While Minnesota may have the better former Florida State star at running back, O’Connell will have to prove that he is truly a taller version of McVay. But perhaps most importantly, Kirk Cousins ​​needs to get on Matthew Stafford’s level. Good luck, man!

As with Los Angeles, Minnesota should be a playoff team. Heck, if the archrival Green Bay Packers underwhelm, the Vikings could win the NFC North and host a home playoff game or two. However, the Vikings have a first-time head coach in O’Connell and a first-time general manager in Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, who chose O’Connell to be his guy over former NFL colleague Jim Harbaugh.

Ultimately, running a similar offensive scheme to the Rams could help the Vikings get over the hump. Unfortunately, that might not be enough to eclipse Green Bay in the division. For a franchise that had a complete turnover at the helm, the Vikings still face an absurd amount of pressure, all things considered. Missing the NFC playoffs for the third straight year would be disappointing.

Jefferson must be a catalyst in the Vikings offense if Minnesota wants to achieve the improbable.

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