Justin Jefferson proclaims that he is coming for Davante Adams’ WR crown

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Justin Jefferson feels he will overtake Davante Adams as the NFL’s best wide receiver next year.

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While Justin Jefferson has put up historic numbers in his first two years in a Minnesota Vikings uniform, he still believes he is chasing Davante Adams (so far) as the NFL’s best wide receiver.

In Jefferson’s interview with Complex, he gives his props to Adams, but knows he’ll be the next.

“I would say that after this year, I will be the best receiver in the NFL,” Jefferson told Complex. “I definitely have to give it to Davante Adams right now as he is so crazy and dynamic on the pitch. His route is crazy, so I definitely have to give it to him right now, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be me after this year. ”

As for him, who waited until after his third year to see himself as the best, Jefferson offered this.

“I think I have to do it three years in a row for everyone to believe it,” Jefferson continued. “Some people do not think that after two years you deserve to be at the top of the league. And then I feel like I’m going to surpass 1,600 yards, too. So I think I’ll be the best recipient after this year. “

In short, a good year could be seen as a stroke of luck. Two big years could be seen as a lucky trend. But three excellent years in a row, it is impossible to ignore. Jefferson is well aware of this. But if we want to include his sensational 2019 college season at LSU, he is already there. Either way, Jefferson has the potential to become the best Vikings wide receiver since Randy Moss.

Will he rob himself of Adams to become the best wide receiver in all of football by the end of the season?

Justin Jefferson believes he will be the NFL’s best wide receiver after next season

At the moment, it’s hard to argue that Jefferson is lower than fifth place overall across the league in his position group. He’s in a row with people like Adams, Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp and his former college teammate Ja’Marr Chase, among others. There are many amazing receivers scattered across the NFL, but few have made us turn our heads as often as Jefferson has done over the last two seasons.

While Adams can technically be downgraded as a quarterback from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr, the dropout should not be as significant as people might be aware. Keep in mind that Adams and Carr are close friends when they were college teammates at Fresno State. Although Jefferson has put his big numbers with a relatively similar quarterback in Kirk Cousins, other teams have better.

See, this is a huge advantage for wide receivers like Chase and Kupp. Chase gets professional passes from his college teammate Joe Burrow, while Kupp became Super Bowl 56 MVP and did everything for Matthew Stafford. Hill apparently downgraded this offseason by going from Patrick Mahomes to Tua Tagovailoa in his trade from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins.

In the end, playing with Cousins ​​is both a blessing and a curse. He will get his numbers in order as Cousins ​​is consistently one of the better quarterbacks in the league in that regard. However, Cousins ​​has never proven that he is a quarterback who is capable of carrying his team and winning several playoff games. Jefferson will get his respect, but probably not a ring.

Adams may be the best wide receiver in football, but it’s not him Jefferson should oversee.

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