Joseph DaGrosa comments amid ties to potential West Ham United acquisition

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Kapital Football Group Chairman Joseph DaGrosa is ready to look elsewhere after Southampton majority owner Gao Jisheng failed to cut the asking price (around £ 200m) for the club West Ham United has been named as one of their alternatives.

The Hammers fit the profile of the clubs Kapital is targeting as the American investor envisions a Premier League takeover, but whether he is willing to pay the price remains to be seen.

West Ham was linked to an acquisition last September, but co-owners David Gold and David Sullivan turned down a £ 400 million offer from a US consortium, and Football Insider complaints they now value the club at around £ 600 million.

DaGrosa has broken its silence amid ties to a Premier League acquisition, detailing its plans for an acquisition fairly soon.

“If we wanted to write a check for what sellers are looking for right now, we could close a deal today if we wanted to. That is not the problem at all. We pride ourselves on being disciplined investors. We are not looking for a clearance price on the sticks “, he told Off the Pitch.

“We thought that in the EPL, for example, we would see a trend in the second half of the season that would certainly start to return to something close to normal. That has not happened. Nobody wants to trade or close during the summer trading window.

“So logic would suggest that we would want to close a deal, and the seller would want to close a deal, before entering the summer trading window because that radically affects club finances in one way or another. For a clean break and a clean start, a deal certainly needs to be done before the summer transfer window.

“Hopefully, we will achieve something at the goal line. But one thing I’ve learned in my 30-year career in private equity is that if you make the first decision wrong, you’re stuck for a long time with hundreds and hundreds of other decisions to make up for that first mistake. decision. “

DaGrosa was hoping to get a price cut of around 25%, and that has yet to happen as West Ham and company (Southampton, Crystal Palace and Newcastle United) are not looking to suffer a big loss at this point.

The owners of the Hammers are said to be willing Selling the club for the right price has become unpopular with fans, but their stance could change if manager David Moyes leads the team to Europe at the end of the season.

That’s certainly within their grasp given their impressive start to the 2020-21 EPL campaign, and a top-seven result could lead to a £ 600m price increase from the owners.

From the looks of it, not even £ 450 million will be enough to convince West Ham bosses to sell the club, and DaGrosa will likely have to look elsewhere if it continues to insist that the coronavirus pandemic has wiped out at least 25 % Of value. of Premier League clubs.

In other news, a BBC expert commented on West Ham’s four best chances.

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