Jordan Davis flexes good teammates’ muscles after viral training rep

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After a practice rep against teammate Cam Jurgens went viral, Eagles rookie defensive tackle Jordan Davis decided to set the record straight.

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On the weekend, a video emerged by Philadelphia Eagles rookie defensive tackle Jordan Davis having his way with fellow rookie Cam Jurgens.

In it, we see Davis drive Jurgens back, prompting a reaction from social media and the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field.

When asked about it, however, Davis responded differently than most expected. Davis he said “hate it” and spoke highly of Jurgens after the incident, referencing how that one game does not define Jurgens.

If anything, it speaks not only to Jurgens, as it’s just one bad play, but Davis more so, as he flexes his good teammates’ muscles and is willing to help other Eagles players adjust to what they could potentially face on Sundays, specifically the NFC East.

Eagles: Jordan Davis shows his roots as a good teammate with regards to Cam Jurgens

Jordan Davis has always been great and has shown up in the big moments; watch the national championship game against Alabama last season. There’s a reason the Philadelphia Eagles selected him in the draft, and it’s not just to replace Fletcher Cox down the stretch. The Eagles needed another leader up front and Davis is that guy.

Also, in the case of Cam Jurgens, the Eagles took him with the vision of him being an anchor for the Eagles offensive line and the future, and the phrase “iron sharpens iron” applies here. It’s not like Jurgens will always experience those kinds of moments for him. Plus, it’s better to handle it in practice as opposed to the game; plus, he’s a rookie like Davis.

Jordan Davis may be big, but his heart is bigger too. He’s there to do his job and destroy the offense, but he’s also there to help his own guys get better and make his life easier on game day. That’s what you want in a leader, and sometimes while a picture/video can be worth a thousand words, there’s more to an incident than meets the eye.

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