Joe Judge fired by Giants: Twitter breaks out at the decision

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The Giants waited a day after Black Monday, but made the decision to fire Joe Judge, a choice that fans and Twitter in general broke beyond.

On the heels of a 4-13 season from the New York Giants, fans and analysts assumed that Joe Judge would be a victim of Black Monday, in which coaches throughout the league were released. It was, after all, a man who called a QB sneak on third-and-9 in the team’s final game of the regular season.

Alas, that was not the case, and it seemed like New York were stubbornly set on continuing into the third season with their head coach. But for whatever reason, they apparently only waited one day.

The Giants announced on Tuesday that they had relieved Joe Judge of his duties and that the franchise would now look for a new head coach and general manager, the latter after Dave Gettleman announced his retirement.

Joe Judge fired by Giants: Twitter responds to big news in New York

As you would probably expect, Twitter was both relieved and not surprised by the news from the Big Apple.

A referee with a record of 10-23 over his two seasons with the G-Men was probably one reason he was in a hot seat. But the consistently dubious decision-making, the “tough guy” routine that he often trotted out, and so much more made it an obvious choice.

The Giants are not a good list right now, but at the same time, Judge was not the man to take any steps forward. Now the organization will be looking for the right guy to do just that.

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