Jerry Jones had an absolutely incredible bid for CeeDee Lamb

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Jerry Jones imagines CeeDee Lamb as a better No. 1 wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys than Amari Cooper ever was for America’s Team.

There’s no doubt that Jerry Jones sees CeeDee Lamb not only succeed in the role of No. 1 with wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, but to be better than Amari Cooper has ever taken that spot.

Jones told Clarence E. Hill Jr. from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “that CeeDee Lamb will be an upgrade over Cooper as a true No. 1 receiver in the Cowboys’ attack.”

Dallas took the Lamb out of Oklahoma in the middle of the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft two springs ago. Lamb is coming off his first Pro Bowl campaign with 79 catches on 1,102 yards and six receiving touchdowns. While an undisputed No. 1 wide receiver in the Big 12, Lamb has to replace a four-time Pro Bowler as the focal point of the Cowboys’ passing.

Frankly, Lamb’s production made Cooper useless when he was given to the Cleveland Browns.

Regardless of how Jones feels about the “upgrade,” the only thing that matters is how starting quarterback Dak Prescott adapts to the shift change in the Dallas receiving corps.

Jerry Jones believes the CeeDee Lamb may be a better No. 1 WR than Amari Cooper

On the surface, it seems that Prescott is in favor of moving on with Lamb as No. 1.

“I decided, you know, he’s the guy,” Prescott said. “I just know he’s hopefully my receiver until I finish playing. Just bring him closer. More conversation as he’s right there available to talk just communicate. “

Not only did Prescott have Lamb’s closet located right next to his, but he expects his new Broadband receiver # 1 to grow into the role due to Lamb’s knowledge of the playbook, as well as the work he puts in constantly.

“Wherever we put him, he’s locked in and he’s getting better and he’s growing,” Prescott continued. “So we always take a step and now he has to step into the shoes of the No. 1 recipient, I know he’s excited to wear those pants, you might say and get the most out of it.”

Although Dallas should be favored to repeat in the NFC East this fall, it’s been a good decade since this division has had a repeat champion. Not to say the Cowboys will retire after the moves they made this offseason, but the Philadelphia Eagles were a playoff team a year ago and the Washington Commanders won the NFC East in 2020 when they were just a football team.

No matter how ready Lamb is for this extended receiving role, or not, Dallas’ season depends largely on two things: Prescott’s play and Mike McCarthy’s coaching skills. Dallas must both approach optimal levels if the Cowboys want to achieve all they can this year. If all goes according to plan, this team can come to the NFC Championship match for the first time since 1995.

If Lamb continues to build on his first two years in the NFL, Dallas will do just fine without Cooper.

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